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Fan Photos Show Iconic Location in Upcoming Fallout TV Series

Fallout Red Rocket

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When you think of iconic locations in the Fallout universe, what comes to mind? Maybe Megaton from Fallout 3 or any one of the vaults? How about the Red Rocket gas stations?

Fallout TV Series Will Have a Red Rocket

Twitter user J Carson snapped some behind-the-scenes photos of Amazon’s upcoming Fallout TV show’s set and it’s pretty clear that a Red Rocket gas station will be in the show.

“Building the set ‘Red Rocket’ for the upcoming Fallout, a post-apocalyptic tv series developed for Amazon Prime and is based on the role-playing video game franchise.”


While other tweets on this user’s account prove that this person is not working on the set, it’s clear that they are a fan of the Fallout franchise. The photos show very clear logos and a garbage-bag-covered sign indicating that this is, indeed, a Red Rocket.

Fallout TV Series
Credit: Twitter user @jcarson_nyack

Other photos show burned-up and rusted-out vehicles from the 40s and 50s, while others show the large production crew hard at work. The Red Rocket gas stations (also called filling stations or truck stops, depending on which game you’re playing) first showed up in Fallout 3, but they also show up in Fallout 4, Fallout 76, and even Fallout: The Roleplaying Game.

What does the lore say?

According to the game’s lore, the Red Rocket company went through some changes to keep up with the times. “The fossil fuel market crash and the beginning of the Resource Wars in 2052 and the invention of practical fusion energy cells in 2066, Red Rocket expanded rapidly nationwide, offering fusion and coolant refilling services, as an early adopter, though gasoline and diesel continued to be sold throughout franchise locations, specifically to appeal to those who owned pre-atomic/non-converted vehicles. On the east coast, Red Rocket held a veritable monopoly on the market for this reason. Many of its gas stations had the capacity to refill nuclear engines.”

Just knowing that the Red Rocket and other iconic locations (like the Super Duper Mart) are in the show makes me all the more excited for its release. And while we’re not sure when that might be, it’s good to know that things are progressing nicely.

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