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Neil Druckmann Confirms He Is Writing and Directing Naughty Dog’s New IP

Savage Starlight

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Naughty Dog Co-President Neil Druckmann has a new profile description that is very cryptic. The Last Of Us‘s Creative Director is giving hope to their fanbase that either The Last of US part 3 might be coming soon, or a new intellectual property is being written. 

What Could Be Naughty Dog’s New IP?

Account xMBGx on Twitter grabbed a screen capture of Druckmann’s profile where he had written that he was the “writer/director [of an] unannounced game.” You would think that the general consensus of this announcement would have several excited, but it seems like Twitter (I mean, X) has a different opinion, with some even commenting “It’s time for Druckman to put the keyboard away. Stick to ruining The Last of Us.” A Pretty harsh, and probably biased, comment.

Neil Druckmann
xMBGx X’s post
Twitter comment
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Speculations About A Sci-fi Space Game

While many speculate that this new game will be The Last of Us Part 3, there are hints that this might not be the case. Back in March of 2023, Gamespot reported that Neil spoke of their ‘next game’ being worked on. “I know the fans really want The Last Of Us Part III, I hear about it all the time,” he continued. “All I can say is that we’re already into our next project, the decision has already been made. I can’t say what it is, but that is the process we went through.”

Since 2013, the studio has directed its development efforts towards The Last of Us and the Uncharted franchise, both of which have been highly successful for the company. Consequently, the studio has not introduced any new IP during this period, and it would be natural to bring a new one to life in this case. 

Naughty Dog
Naughty Dog Games

But what could it be, exactly? A lot of talk on Reddit says that it could be space-themed related, a new sci-fi game from Naughty Dog. It would definitely be refreshing for the studio as the Last of Us and Uncharted are quite similar in gameplay style, including weapons and game mechanics. 

A persistent sci-fi rumor has circulated online, gaining traction since the launch of The Last of Us. In the course of the game, Joel and Ellie come across collectible comic books centered around an intellectual property named Savage Starlight. This IP exists within the game’s universe as a science fiction adventure series set in the year 2186. Unlike previous hints, the Savage Starlight rumor has stood out for its conspicuousness, almost appearing as a deliberate decoy orchestrated to divert attention from other speculations.

Savage Starlight
Savage Starlight Comic in the Last Of Us

Druckmann’s Twitter profile was also changed since then to add “THAT future game!” and his profile banner gives big-time comic book feel… Did he call it THAT future game in relation to Savage Starlight? It being a game set in the future? Or we we way too deep into the rabbit hole, trying to look for some clue that might not even be? Let us know what you think!

Neil Druckmann
THAT Future Game

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