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A Poll: Adventure Time’s most powerful character

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Adventure Time Poll
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Who’s Adventure Time’s most powerful character? We’re holding a little poll today. Vote here, or check out the arguments for each option first and then let us know what you think! Adventure Time is full of some really mighty characters, thanks to magic and science. But which one is the most powerful character? And is one of them secretly the REAL god of the universe?  Vote below and leave a comment if you think I’ve left off someone really important!

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Arguments for Poll Options:

Glob – Glob is dead, but is he really? We saw how Prismo came back, could Glob find a way back? His name took the place of “God” in dialogue and he was the main deity of Mars. He has a LOT of power.

Cosmic Owl – He’s the one people see in dreams right before they’re going to die, and he’s pretty darn powerful. But is he the strongest?

Prismo – Well Prismo is SUPER powerful! His original sleeping host was killed and he found a way to come back, this time through a sleeping Jake. (And there’s also a theory that he lives in a time loop and was ALWAYS sleeping Jake, hence why he and Jake always got along so well.) He exists outside space and time and creates alternate universes. I’d say he’s a good contender.

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Magic Man – If Glob really is dead (which he likely is), then Magic Man could be next in line to take over as Mars’ deity. Or he could just be a “god” in his own right, seeing as he doesn’t seem to have much limit to his power right now. What do you think? Is he the strongest?

Peppermint Butler – Peppermint’s a demon/warlock type who is crazy powerful. In fact, if he really puts his mind to it, he seems to be able to best anyone.

Finn – Finn has a lot of secret abilities. He had telekinesis back when he was building a tower and trying to kill his dad. He was able to warp space and time in order to re-create his arm. And he can astral project. If he’s not the “god,” he might be a demi-god. Maybe his mom was a god and he’s really only half human…

The Lich – The Lich is SCARY powerful. In “Gold Stars,” when he said “STOP,” I thought my heart stopped. He is ancient, from before the time of “nothing.” And he was likely the huge catalyst of change that the comet brought way back in dinosaur days. But Billy was able to stop him (temporarily), so his power has limits… Or does it?

Gunther – Oh sure, Gunther plays it cool. But remember when Marceline’s dad told him that he was the most evil creature he had EVER met? Gunther could be hiding some serious mojo.

These are all the options I’ve chosen to include. Is there anyone else you think I should have included?

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