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The 100 Recap: Rubicon or “Musical Leadership Chairs”

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For the first part of today’s The 100 recap of Rubicon, we’ll look at just how many times the leadership role can change on this show, and how completely arbitrarily. (Note: SPOILERS up to the most recent episode. If you like anything you read, just highlight it and you can automatically share it on Facebook or Twitter!) 😀

The 100 recap Rubicon

How Clarke Ended Up in Charge of Everyone

Poor Jaha. Sacrifices his life for everyone and no one wants to give him his job back. #The100 Share on X

First, Jaha is the leader of the Arkers (aka Sky People). Then Jaha appoints Kane as chancellor because he’s going to sacrifice his life so everyone can live. Then Kane appoints Abby as temporary chancellor because he’s leaving to risk his life so everyone can live. (Sense a theme?)

Kane returns – yay, he survived!

Abby (seeing Kane): “Screw you. I’m in charge now.”

Kane: “OK, if you insist. Whatever.” (Whaaaaat?)

Arkers: “Sure, why not. Keep Abby in charge.”

Then Jaha returns, even more miraculously. 

Abby: “Screw you. I’m in charge now.”

Arkers: “Sure, why not. Keep Abby. Let’s forget about the guy who sacrificed everything for us.”

Jaha: “I’m out of here.”

Then Clarke comes and, just like her mom, declares that she’s in charge.

Clarke: “Screw you, mom. I’m in charge now.”

Abby: “NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Kane: “Hey Abby, I kind of like Clarke. And I’m not backing your leadership role because you stole a temporary assignment from me and from Jaha. So yeah, let Clarke be in control. I’ll back you up about as much as you backed me up, which was not at all.”

Abby later moans: “Why are kids leading us?” I don’t know Abby, maybe because you threw out all semblances of fair leadership transition? What goes around comes around…

Now that a child’s leading, people are going to die.

Look, this is nothing against Clarke’s leadership style here. She’s gotta do what she’s gotta do and has had some impossibly difficult decisions to make. But when Lexa decides not to tell anyone about the missile because they don’t need to rat out their inside man just yet, she’s committing A LOT of Grounders and Sky People to death. And Clarke goes along with it because she’s very committed to her people (and to Bellamy, when she’s not all “LOVE IS WEAKNESS!”)

But how many people do you think died in that missile strike? Including leaders? And how did that compare to the number of people they are saving at Mount Weather? Did they come out ahead? This question isn’t getting answered. I guess they had to do what they did because Mount Weather would keep coming after them to drain their bone marrow. But if more people died in the missile strike (and ensuing war) than they are saving at the mountain, couldn’t they have just, oh I don’t know… Moved farther away?

Either way, the episode was filmed incredibly and we really got a feel for how tough it was for Clarke to make her decision. And we truly felt the pain of the resulting missile strike and the lost lives. The 100 writers and directors don’t cut corners on emotions, which is one of the reasons I love this show.

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About Tondc

Just a little note I must add… The leaders had a huge summit meeting at Tondc. Throughout the episode, I thought that name was really weird and wasn’t even sure what they were saying until I saw it spelled out online. Well guess what? Tondc is the ending of “Washington DC.” Guess the old world really has still survived, in some way or other.

Tondc is the ending of Washington DC. Well done @The100writers! #The100 Share on X

Is this the end of Octavia and Clarke being on the same side?

Here’s the deal… Nothing stays secret forever. At some point, it will come out that Clarke knew about the attack ahead of time. Now that Octavia has one foot firmly planted in the Grounders’ world and one foot with the Sky People, she related to the Grounders as her own. These were her friends, her people, who were killed. We’ve all surmised that someday, when Lexa is killed, her spirit will pick Octavia as the next Grounders leader. We assumed it would be the cementing of a great alliance between the Grounders and the Sky People. But if Octavia finds out Clarke knew about the attack, she may not forgive her. This alliance might not last very long.

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