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Post-Apocalyptic Kickstarter Movie, Anathema, Delves Into Deeper Issues

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The post-apocalyptic Kickstarter movie, Anathema, recently launched and visitors have already donated over 1,000 pounds. But with a 30,000 goal, it still has a way to go and needs your help! (See the Kickstarter page here.)

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The producers of this film are seeking to delve into deeper post-apocalyptic issues by following the story of a brother and sister. Would self-sacrifice or self-preservation rule in a world decimated by a lethal pathogen? Would differences in religion and ideology tear us apart? The movie is also unique in that it focuses on post-apocalyptic Britain, a location that hasn’t been covered much in recent films or shows.

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The production crew is doing a great job at being creative with a small budget. Just check out some of these gorgeous photos:


Post Apocalyptic Kickstarter Anathema


Post Apocalyptic Kickstarter Anathema


The team is using abandoned, boarded-up neighborhoods and forests for sets and will be filming in the early morning hours to avoid people and add to the feeling of desolation. They’re currently in talks with very interesting actors for potential lead roles, including John Lynch, who starred opposite Gwyneth Paltro in Sliding Doors (and other movies.)

Kickstarter rewards include a digital download of the movie, private updates, contact with the filmmakers, and even an on-set visit! Higher rewards include a walk-on role and executive producer credit.

We love supporting fellow post-apocalyptic fans, so I hope you’ll check out their Kickstarter and consider sending some support their way! 🙂


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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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