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Zombie Alien Thriller Risen Coming to Theaters on August 20

Risen Film

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If you’re a fan of scary apocalyptic body-snatcher flicks, you’ll need to check out Risen when it premieres later next month.

Thanks to a brand new trailer released this week, we get a glimpse into this frightening alien invasion movie, starring Caroline McQuade, Jack Campbell, Kenneth Trujillo, and Wassim Hawat.

The story centers around a small New York town that is completely wiped out from a strange contaminate that leaks out of a fallen meteorite. Homeland Security is called in along with an astrobiologist named Dr. Lauren Stone who is tasked with figuring out what was in that space rock.

Risen PosterBut while Lauren and the team are trying to solve that mystery, way crazier things are happening all over the area, like people rising from the dead and the growth of a gigantic tree from the meteorite’s impact site.

When the team discovers that the tree and the risen dead are trojan horses sent from an alien civilization to inhabit Earth, they must fight for the survival of humanity before the aliens completely take over.

Risen is written and directed by Eddie Arya who also worked on 2016’s The System and 2014’s The Navigator.

The movie is releasing on August 20 from Vertical Entertainment in select theaters and Video on Demand platforms.

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