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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of Oct 15-21

2067 film

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In this week’s installment of the YouTube video round-up, we get a look at some book suggestions, a few game reviews, movie trailers, and 100 survival items you can find at the dollar store.

Post-Apocalyptic Hardcore Survival | Tale Of A Apocalypse Gameplay | First Look

While this game looks gorgeous and the gameplay looks fun, I just can’t get past the fact that the game is actually called “Tales of a Apocalypse.” I feel like writing a strongly worded email to the developers explaining the rules of indefinite articles. But I digress… this video is a play-through of the game, showing off a good bit of gameplay. Sadly, the reviewer never find that lost “n” anywhere.

Raiders! – Post Apocalyptic Raider Gang Strategy RPG

If you like games like Battle Brothers, you’ll really enjoy watching this play-through of Raiders! by the always-entertaining SplatterCat Gaming.

Spooky Books I Want to Read | Dystopian & Post-apocalyptic Books

I never thought I’d really enjoy watching someone else talk about books they plan to read, but Melissa at Fully Booked does a great job of getting you interested in her reading goals. In this episode, she describes a handful of dystopian and post-apocalyptic books that she has added to her reading list. And if you want to watch more, she has more videos in this “Spooky Books I Want to Read” series on her channel.

2067 | Trailer #2 | 2020 | A Post Apocalyptic Movie

The movie 2067 released earlier this month, but this trailer reminds us that it’s a thing. Yes, reviews weren’t too flattering for the Australian film, but maybe if I keep watching these trailers, I’ll go watch the movie.

ICARUS- FirstGlance Film Fest Philly 23 Trailer

Your classic fight-for-survival-after-the-fall-of-humanity story reduced to a one-minute trailer. This one is coming to the 23rd Annual FirstGlance Philadelphia Film Fest this fall, so we’re curious to see how well it’s received.

100 Cheap Survival Items to Stockpile: Dollar Store Prepping

Canadian Prepper is one of my favorite YouTubers for prepping info. He consistently pumps out great content, and this video is another great example. This one takes a quick look at 100 survival goodies you can find at a dollar store. So while everyone else is raiding Walmart during the apocalypse, you can hit that Dollar General.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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