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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of June 2-8

YouTube Round-up

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Abandoned Power Plant Decaying for 50 Years | Post-Apocalyptic Experience
Sometimes you don’t even need to spend millions of dollars creating a post-apocalyptic backdrop for a movie. The hydroelectric power plant in this video was ravaged by time and neglect just perfectly enough to look like it came straight out of The Last of Us or Mad Max.

Wild Life | A Post-Apocalypse Short Film
It’s the soundtrack that did it for me on this one. Sure, it’s a very well-produced short film, but the 70s soundtrack is especially brilliant.

Inside the NFT Art and Post-Apocalyptic Films of Matteo Santoro | LatiNation
If you’re not familiar with the films and work of Matteo Santoro, this in-depth interview with LatiNation explores a few of the backstories to his films and how he got his inspiration. He also discusses the idea of NFTs and how that new technology could work with his projects.

This unique sci-fi short film features the lives of two women who survive in a strange world where color is infested with a deadly alien substance. They try to avoid color at all costs, but find it impossible in the end.

Rooted – First Look Development Trailer (Unreal Engine 5 Apocalyptic Survival Game)
This demo video for the upcoming post-apocalyptic survival game Rooted shows off some of the game’s Unreal Engine 5 environments and a bit of the gameplay.

Jayce and Amy
Would you be able to survive the apocalypse with your sibling? This short film takes a look at that premise as siblings Jayce and Amy leave the safety of their sanctuary to meet up with a potential new settlement.

“Relics”- A Short Film
A man hunting pre-war artifacts puts his life in danger when he stumbles upon one top secret relic with connections to the world before.

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