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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of Dec 30 – Jan 5

YouTube Round up

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The End: A Postapocalyptic Novel By G. Michael Hopf (Audiobook) FULL
This is the first book in a trilogy by G. Michael Hopf that tells the story of an Iraq War veteran who faces a new apocalypse when an EMP attack cripples society. Fortunately, the entire trilogy is also available on YouTube as audiobooks, so you can check out Book 2 and Book 3 as well.

Post Apocalyptic city render inside Element 3D II After effect
This is an amazing render of a post-apocalyptic city in Element 3D II that shows destroyed buildings, cars, and streets. I usually skip over these types of render videos but this one is just too good.

Clenching Down The Mountain To The Coast ~ The Wasteland Trucker
The Wasteland Trucker is a new game that looks like an apocalyptic version of My Summer Car with some American Truck Simulator mixed in. This hour-long stream video shows tons of gameplay that might just sway you to pick up the game.

Solo Overnight Building a Post-Apocalyptic Hot Tent with a Fireplace and Bacon Ribeye Potato Skillet
Corporal’s Corner is one of the most popular camping channels on YouTube and his videos are always entertaining and informative. In this one, Corporal shows some helpful tips on building a make-shift camp after the SHTF and all you have available is debris.

Snowpiercer: Season 3 Premieres January 24, 2022 | Official Trailer | TNT
Snowpiercer’s third season is coming in three weeks and this brand new trailer shows what we can expect from this upcoming season. Be sure to check out my write-up of the trailer for complete information on what the trailer shows and what we can (possibly) expect from this third season of the hit TNT show.

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