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Will David Windecher & Emiley Cox Win the Hunted Reality Show?

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Right now, David Windecher and Emiley Cox seem like sure bets for winning Hunted, a new reality show on CBS. Post Apocalyptic Media is going to be covering this show because it matches the theme of our website. In many post-apocalyptic and pre-apocalyptic settings, citizens end up on the run, trying to evade authorities. And that’s what Hunted is all about. Right now, it looks like David and Emiley might make it all the way. This is why. (If you’re not watching Hunted, you can stream it on Amazon here.)

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David and Emiley seem to be getting the “winner’s edit” on Hunted so far. That’s a term that reality show enthusiasts use for contestants who ultimately win. They may be edited in a more positive light than other contestants, so that viewers will be more excited when they win. They may also be featured early on or more frequently to start setting the tone for their win. (In addition, David and Emiley are being pretty smart about their evasion tactics, which we’ll talk about a little later.)

David and Emiley were the first couple featured on the premiere. They are featured frequently. And most of their clips show them in a positive light. Plus, their “bios” at the beginning of the show make them a couple that we’d want to root for. Sure, they’ve had some missteps here and there, but overall they’re a positive force on the show that viewers are rooting for.

They also have a very interesting back story. David is a defense attorney who turned his life around. He had to join a gang when he was growing up just to survive his tough childhood. He was arrested 13 times, and one of the Hunters mentioned during one of the first episodes that he was once beaten up by the police. He’s a contestant viewers can root for.

David and Emiley aren’t perfect in their evasion tactics, which also makes them more relatable. Emiley called her mom when they were lost, but she used a burner phone. She also marked their day-by-day plans on a calendar, which she took with them — but the hunters later found the page below it and could read the impressions that she left behind.

Here are a few things David and Emiley have done right so far, according to the show:

  • Using a burner phone
  • Staying far away from family
  • Tricking the hunters with a fake rental car application (a diversion tactic.)

This is one couple that looks like they have the chops to avoid capture for 28 days. David has a background in evasion. He lived on the streets. He knows what he’s doing. And so far, he’s been pretty darn smart.

David and Emiley have had some tense moments, though. Here are a couple:


You can learn more about David Windecher from his memoir, “The American Dream: HisStory in the Making,” which you can buy at this link.

So, do you think David and Emiley will make it on the run for the full 28 days and win $250,000? What do you think about their tactics so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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