Crow Country



Emily Sullivan’s debut novel, Crow Country, is a post-apocalyptic western that will take you on an intense and gripping journey, in a world where survival requires strength and sacrifice.

“The end of the world…now that was a beautiful thing.”

October Ninth – the day the world went dark. Nearly three decades later, life is different. Slower, sicker, meaner. In Colorado the Old West was reborn, and with it came the Crows, beastly birds with a taste for man. Judge sees how they spread, each day outgrowing their kingdom in Denver. Law knows they will come, and to protect his town, his Genesis, he is resolved to fight—against the crazed, the greedy, and the powerful—on a journey north toward their savior. A fabled train. Their last hope. For what good are walls when the Devil has wings?

“Post-apocalyptic fiction and Western genres typically don’t intersect, but that doesn’t mean the two shall never meet. Crow Country illustrates this in providing a genre-busting read that holds elements of Western drama and sci-fi alike, attracting both audiences with a heady form of action that re-envisions a different Western milieu that emerges some thirty years after everything goes dark. Emily Sullivan’s attention to world-building is just as astute as her introductory passages about world-destroying experiences. Crow Country’s powerful sense of place, purpose, and post-apocalyptic Colorado backdrop makes it a top recommendation for a wide range of readers who will find it a literary powerhouse of a read.” D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


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