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What Is the Factory on Colony? Clues & Photos Revealed

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On Colony, we’ve been given quite a few clues about the hosts’ “factory,” where insubordinates are sent and never return. As far as we know, no one has ever escaped the factory and it’s essentially a death sentence. But what is it exactly? We’re compiling all the clues that we’ve gotten so far, along with some theories. Do you have a different theory about the aliens’ factory? Let us know in the comments below!

(Spoilers through Season 2 Episode 4! If you aren’t caught up, stream it on Amazon here.)

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The Factory Is on the Moon

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Some viewers have forgotten that at the end of season 1, we got some really solid clues about the factory. First, we know that it’s on the moon. The photo above is a screenshot from when Carlos was looking out a window at the factory.

It’s Some Type of Slave Labor Facility, Perhaps in an Irradiated Environment

We also know that it’s some kind of slave labor facility that the Transitional Authority (and the hosts) control. Carlton Cuse said in an interview that the factory was a place where the guilty were sent, and a means to gain more control over the people by forcibly separating loved ones.

Later in Season 1, we actually see Carlos working at the factory. He was a mechanic who was Will’s best friend, but didn’t know about Will’s background. In the episode “In From the Cold,” we see Carlos taken to the factory and get a glimpse of life there. Workers wear yellow coveralls and work on large tanks in a big, long hall. No one talks to one another when shifts change or when the workers eat.

It appears that the workers are in some type of environment that is toxic to humans, perhaps filled with radiation. While he’s eating, a man at one of the tables starts coughing up blood. Three guards, wearing respirators and overalls, take him away. Most workers barely pay attention as the man is taken away. It appears they already know about the risk.

It May Be Related to a Musical Beacon

In Season 2, we saw a flashback to 1969, when scientists heard a strange sound that indicated intelligence. It was music. Scientists isolated the music and noted it had mathematical structure. They guessed it was some type of message, perhaps a beacon. It was then revealed that it originated from the moon.

This shows that the aliens had already set up camp (or something) on the moon a long time before they invaded. Perhaps they were building the factory.

If the aliens are colonizing a lot of planets, maybe the factory is just another waypoint where they make more ships to colonize even further out into space.

Here’s that scene about the music:

Humans Had To Be ‘Decontaminated’ Before Arriving

In the first episode of season 1, we saw a group of people being sent to the “factory.” They were being decontaminated by being stripped down and exposed to bright UV light. Then they filed into a room while wearing scrubs and masks, where they were later beamed up (later, we learned, to the moon.) If it’s just another factory, why all the decontamination measures? We have to imagine that aliens somehow inhabit this area, maybe without their spacesuits.

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