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Who Died on Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 19? See a Full List

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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 19 was one of the best episodes in the entire season so far — and one of the top episodes in the series too. But there were also a lot of heartbreaking deaths, and we can’t ignore them. Here’s a list of everyone who died in this episode.

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This article will have major spoilers for the newest episode, but the article itself is manga-spoiler-free beyond this episode. For anime-only discussions, join us on Discord or in our AoT Facebook page.

Remember: this post has MAJOR spoilers.

Pyxis Is Dead


Pyxis, sadly, is now a Titan, so I’m categorizing him as being dead. He drank the wine tainted with Zeke’s serum and he was activated when Zeke screamed. We saw a shot of him being activated during the episode, though I don’t think we saw his Titan form.

Nile Is Dead


Nile is also a Titan now, so I’m categorizing him as being dead too. He drank the wine tainted with Zeke’s serum and was activated right alongside Pyxis. We saw a shot of him being activated during the episode. He had a lot of attention put back on his character last week when he helped Falco reunite with Gabi and talked about his wife and kids.

It was interesting to see him show up, since I’m catching up with the manga and just read a few pages where Nile and Erwin were interacting right before last week’s episode. Nile and Erwin knew each other when they were young. Nile was going to join the Survey Corps with Erwin until he met his wife, and decided to join the Military Police instead to protect her. Erwin had actually be interested in Nile’s wife too, but chose to fight the Titans instead.

Colt Is Dead


Colt died. He died holding on to his younger brother Falco and trying to comfort him before he turned into a Titan. It was sad. He didn’t need to die that way, because there wasn’t anything he could even do for Falco at that point. But he loved him so much that he just couldn’t let him go. It was a heartbreaking scene, after he had begged Zeke to wait to activate the Titans until he got Falco out of range. Zeke was moved but still ignored his pleas.

Colt was next in line to become the Beast Titan, and was only a warrior candidate in an attempt to gain freedom for his family.


The show made certain to confirm that he died. We saw his burned body, as observed by Gabi, after Falco transformed.


Colt is gone. 🙁


Porco Galliard Is Dead


Porco Galliard also died. Reiner was just about to let Falco-as-a-Titan consume him when he believed that Zeke had died and his threat was eliminated. Reiner has been wanting to die for awhile and was already close to aging out as a Titan anyway.

But Porco stepped in before he could follow through on his wish, and Falco ate Porco instead. Porco believed that his head injury was so intense that his body would not be able to heal him after all, and he wanted one more chance to show he was better than Reiner. He did it for himself and for Falco, but not for Reiner, whom he always resented ever since his brother, Marcel, sacrificed himself so Reiner could live.

The Jaw Titans are constantly giving their lives for Reiner, it seems. First Marcel, then Ymir, and finally Porco. Will Falco be the same? My guess is yes, but in a different way. I’m theorizing that Gabi inherits Reiner’s Armor Titan, and Falco spends his life as the Jaw Titan protecting her. But I could be wrong on all that.

Many Paradisians Died


Many Paradisians died in this episode, activated by Zeke’s scream. I don’t have a full list of each one (and many were not named.) But a lot of people were lost in this episode, as Zeke attempted to slow down the Marleyans so he and Eren could touch and he could activate his plan to stop the Eldians from reproducing ever again.

Many People on Floch’s Team Died, But Floch Lived


Many people on Floch’s team also died. Early in the episode, we saw one team member die while hitting Pieck’s canon. It’s not clear who that person was.


Floch himself, however, lived, as you can see in the screenshot above.

What About Eren?


Eren’s fate remains unknown. We know that he’s alive in the “Paths” dimension with Zeke, even though Gabi shot off his head in the real world. I’m going to guess that he’s going to come back fully alive in the real world too, being rebuilt by the Founding Titan Ymir just like Zeke was rebuilt after the thunderspear explosion. But whether my guess is correct or not remains to be seen.

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