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Where Is Chainsaw Man Episode 13?

Chainsaw Man

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Last week’s episode of Chainsaw Man titled “Katana vs. Chainsaw” was a 24 minute-long action packed one that left fans on the edge of their seat the entire time. If you’re wondering where episode 13 of the anime is following this crazy episode, we’ve got some news for you…

Chainsaw Man Episode 12 was the Last Episode of the Season

That’s right. If you were expecting episode number 13 to show up on your feed this week, you’ll be a bit (or very) disappointed to learn that episode 12 was actually the last episode for season 1 of Chainsaw Man. It is estimated that Season 2 of the anime will return in 2024, so we’ve got a long ways to wait. 

Anime Geek also notes that the second season of the anime TV series may be titled Chainsaw Man Season 1 Part 2, but that it should not be confused with the manga’s Chainsaw Man Part 2 Academy Arc (Gakko-hen), which will begin serialisation in the summer of 2022. It is expected that the continuation of the anime will be promoted as Chainsaw Man Season 2 to minimise any confusion that may occur as a consequence. Converting from Manga to Anime is difficult enough as it is, so please don’t make things more complicated, Studio MAPPA!

Chainsaw Man Episode 12 finale
Chainsaw Man Episode 12 finale

If you can’t wait until season 2 to know what happens after the series’ finale, you can always jump into the manga right where the anime left off. Some suggest to start at chapter one, however, as the manga is very slightly different than the anime, and offers a new look at readers. but if you start reading at the chapter where the show ended, you won’t be super lost, either. So the choice is entirely up to you!

Fans Reactions

Fans on Twitter reacted to some of the last episode scenes, specifically scenes about Power. A poll ended with the title “Who would win in a fight, Power from Chainsaw Man, or Nobara from Jujustsu Kaisen?” and ended with a whopping 75.3% in favor of Power. Would you agree?

Chainsaw Man

Power seems to be a fan favorite fo the show, for all of the best reasons. Her personality, her spunk and humor, and of course, how cute she is!

Power and Makima cosplays are all over the social platform as well.

Do you have a favorite character in the anime? Let us know which one!

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