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Which Manga Chapter is Chainsaw Man Episode 12?

Chainsaw Man Manga

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If you have just finished watching the last episode of Chainsaw Man, then you should probably continue reading the manga from the point where it left off. The question is, at what point in the manga does the conclusion pick up? In the event that you are interested in reading the manga before the show returns for its second season, we’ve got some details for you. Here’s what we know about which manga chapter starts when Chainsaw Man episode 12 ended.

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The Last Episode Covers Chapter 37 of the Manga

The anime finished at chapter 37 in the manga, so if you don’t need to read it you can absolutely start at chapter 38 which, according to reddit user Unthused, starts with a nut kicking scene. (ouch!)

Although the manga might slightly differ from the anime, some say that it’s easy to follow. I would suggest reading a few chapters before #38 to get the right ‘feel’ for the newest chapter. As with most movies and anime, oftentimes the books or manga are a better read. With Chainsaw Man however, people generally seem pleased with how the anime turned out, so you shouldn’t be left too much in the dark while reading the manga.

Chainsaw Man Episode 12

A better idea would be to simply read the entire thing from the start as some suggest that it’s a rather easy read. Reddit user Astral_M explains the following in a slightly spoiler-ish post:

“The anime is excellent, as someone who’s been a fan for a while I think I couldn’t ask for better. However, I believe Tatsuki Fujimoto is a mangaka at heart. His style, his love for movies and the tone he’s going for in his writing? They all shine through his use of panel placement and the way he structures his art around the page. He uses sound effects and several other objects as panel dividers. It’s so creative, it’s something I could pull examples from his other works to show you, but I won’t. I think he’s very good at using the manga medium to his advantage, and I think no matter how good the anime is, what he does on paper and the feel it evokes just cannot be replicated in any other medium. It’s truly unique.”

So you might be in for a much better treat if you are a manga reader at heart.

How to read the manga

A great way to read the manga would be to support the artist and purchase it for yourself. but if you’re lacking funds, especially this time of year after the holidays, we did write an article about how to read the manga for free. Head over to this link and you’ll learn just how to do exactly that!

Volume 1 through 5 includes chapter 38, so if you want to read just that you can easily get it on amazon. If the manga is to your liking, then you’ll be able to get the rest of the volumes and catch up before the anime resumes again.

Chainsaw man volume 1 through 3 

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