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Attack on Titan Dub Still Mysteriously Delayed Even as Final Trailer Drops

Where is Attack on Titan's dub?

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The trailer for Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Part 2 just dropped — the trailer for the final final episode — but dub viewers are still waiting for an official dub for Season 4 Part 3 Part 1. The dub has been delayed far later than anyone imagined, and as the final episode draws closer, dub viewers are growing increasingly annoyed. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: To see updated details on the time the dub is releasing in September 2023, see our new story here.

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Voice Recording for the Dub Started Later Than Normal

Based on the timing of when previous dubs aired, the Season 4 Part 3 Part 1 dub should have premiered on April 7 at the latest. But it’s July 2 and dub viewers are still waiting. 

Jessica Calvello, who voices Hange in the English dub, wrote on Twitter on March 20: “Started recording for the final season of Attack on Titan today. Could not stop crying.”

Attack on Titan tweet
Attack on Titan tweet

So while the dub normally would have released on April 7 based on past schedules, the voice actor for Hange didn’t even start her recording until March 20. So it looks like the recording was delayed. 

Meanwhile, Masafumi Mima, the sound director, wrote in a translated tweet on June 26 that dubbing was “65% done.” 

However, he included the tweet along with a picture of the teaser visual for the final episode. So is it possible that both dubs will be released at the same time? Or is dub being mistranslated in this instance? 

Once the dub is released, Crunchyroll will add it to their Attack on Titan dub page here. But it’s not out yet. 

Toonami Will Likely Get the Dub First

It’s possible the delay is because of Toonami, wince they will get the dub first and be able to air it before Crunchyroll, if they follow the same streaming setup that has been followed for the previous Attack on Titan dubs. 

Toonami has always aired the English dubs for Attack on Titan on Saturday nights (or Sundays at 12:30 a.m. Eastern), and then Crunchyroll streamed the dubs later on Sunday evening.

Toonami’s current schedule, which shows what it plans to air for the next week, does not have Attack on Titan listed. Neither does Crunchyroll’s. And Post Apocalyptic Media’s attempts to contact both Toonami and Crunchyroll about the dub have been met with silence. No one is answering us. 

Where to Watch the Dub

Once it finally releases, you can watch the English dub in several places. 

Crunchyroll will post the dub to their Attack on Titan dub page here. You can go here to sign up for a free trial if you don’t have an account yet. 

Clicking on the Attack on Titan link on Toonami takes you to Adult Swim’s page here, where the dub will eventually appear (after it airs on TV on Toonami.)

Hulu won’t get the dub until much later. In fact, they didn’t even get the dub for Season 3 Part 2 until March 28, 2023, so don’t expect the final dubs to be added there any time soon. 

We will update this story as we know more. 

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