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When Is UAP Whistleblower Grusch’s Full 7-Hour Interview?

UFO special on NewsNation

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Whistleblower David Grusch sparked international attention this week when he came forward with claims that the U.S. government has a top-secret department that has been hiding a UFO craft retrieval program, even from the government’s own AARO team. Grusch has claimed that the U.S. government has non-human-created UAP craft in its possession, and has a reverse engineering program in place that has not been disclosed to Congress or others. Journalist Ross Coulthart interviewed Grusch about his claims, and while part of the interview has been seen on NewsNation, the full seven-hour interview has not been released. Here are all the details on how to watch the more extended interview, including what date and time it will air, and what we know about the seven-hour version.

(Note: If you want to review Grusch’s claims and the people who vouched for him before tonight’s interview, check out our story here.)

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An Extended Interview Will Air on Sunday Night

Coulthart’s extended interview airs Sunday night, June 11, at 8 p.m. Central/9 p.m. Eastern. Coulthart revealed the details on Twitter


He wrote: “I can now announce that my extended interview with #UAP whistleblower David Grusch will air on News Nation
@NewsNation Sunday 9p/8c. Watch this world exclusive TV interview from the fmr senior intelligence insider.”

It seems, however, that this won’t be the seven hours of raw footage that many people had hoped to see from Coulthart’s interview with Grusch. But it will be a longer version than what we’ve seen so far. 

News Nation also tweeted about the event. 


NewsNation has released a few clips so far, including these:

And here:

Once again, this is not the full seven-hour raw interview. We have more details about how long the special will be in the next part of this article. 

Where Can You Watch the NewsNation Report?

While at one point it looked like Coulthart might release the raw footage of his interview somewhere separately, it now appears that an extended version will be exclusively aired by News Nation. But exactly where do you go to watch it? 

NewsNation has a channel finder here where you can enter your ZIP code to see where it’s airing near you. 

You can also stream NewsNation at the following locations. 

It’s on YouTubeTV

NewsNation is on Hulu here

It’s on DirecTV here

It’s on Sling here

NewsNation is on FuboTV here

NewsNation is on Vidgo here

You can stream NewsNation on LevelNews here

Based on the current listing in TV Guide, it’s not clear exactly how long this interview will be. NewsNation only lists “NewsNation Prime” every hour on the hour on Sunday evening, with no additional details. 

However, a look at NewsNation’s own schedule provides more definitive details. According to their schedule, the extended interview is going to be one hour long, in a special titled “We Are Not Alone: The UFO Whistleblower Speaks.” After that, a NewsNation Special Report, which is also new, will air for an hour. So the entire special will air from 9-11 p.m. Eastern or 8-10 p.m. Central. 

So no, we won’t be seeing the seven-hour raw interview. Instead, we’ll get an extended one hour long interview. It’s not clear if or when the full interview will be released. 

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