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AARO Unites ‘Five Eyes’ Countries in Groundbreaking UFO Inquiry

Slide shared during AARO presentation to NASA UAP task force. (NASA)

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NASA’s UFO task force met for a public UAP panel meeting on Wednesday, May 31. The four-hour meeting discussed everything from data collection techniques to the role that the UAP team might play alongside AARO. But one of the biggest revelations was quietly shared partway through the meeting, and you might have missed it if you tuned out for just a second. One of the panel experts, Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick of AARO, revealed that he had briefed the international “five eyes” just the week before the meeting. 

Kirkpatrick Held a UAP Form for the Countries That Are Part of the ‘Five Eyes’

Kirkpatrick addresses NASA UAP task force. (NASA)
Kirkpatrick addresses NASA UAP task force. (NASA)

During his address at the NASA UAP task force meeting, Kirkpatrick revealed that he had just led an international briefing about UAPs with the countries that are part of the Five Eyes. It was a big revelation, casually dropped as he discussed what NASA’s role could be to help AARO in researching UAPs. 

“I have just held our first Five Eyes forum on this subject last week I think it was or earlier this week, Dan was there…” he shared. “We’ve entered into discussions with our partners on data sharing, how do they do reporting, what kind of analysis can they help us with, what kind of calibration can they help us with, what can we help them with. And we’re establishing all of that right now. And they’re gonna … send their data and information to us to feed into the process that we’ve laid out for how we’re going to do all this.”

He continued by saying that beyond this, AARO needs NASA’s help bringing other allies and partners into the fold of UAP scientific study. 

The countries that are part of the five eyes include UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. 

ChatGPT Noted that This Could Be an ‘Unprecedented Global Initiative to Study & Understand UAPs’

When I asked ChatGPT 4 about the Five Eyes, the AI shared: “The Five Eyes is an intelligence alliance consisting of five English-speaking countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The origins of this alliance can be traced back to the post-World War II period, specifically to the UKUSA Agreement of 1946, which was initially an intelligence cooperation between the US and the UK.”

It continued: “Over the years, the other three countries joined: Canada in 1948, and Australia and New Zealand in 1956. These five countries agreed to cooperate in signals intelligence (SIGINT), which involves the interception and analysis of various forms of communication signals, including radio, telephonic, and internet communications.”

After I shared with ChatGPT about Kirkpatrick’s statements, the AI had an interesting response. 

“As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there hasn’t been any specific public disclosure or acknowledgment regarding the Five Eyes intelligence alliance directly collaborating on the topic of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), commonly known as UFOs,” it first wrote. 

But then it continued. 

“That said, the connection between the Five Eyes and UAPs you mentioned in your previous text seems to be a new development and is beyond my current training data. As per your context, it appears that there is a move towards international collaboration and data sharing on UAPs involving these countries. If these developments continue, it could lead to an unprecedented global initiative to scientifically study and understand UAPs.”

AARO Will Present Its Latest Findings on August 1

During his briefing, Kirkaptrick also revealed that out of the more than 800 sightings AARO is researching, about 2 to 5% remain anomalous and unexplained. Anomalous, he said, means “anything not readily understandable by operator or sensor.” 

Interestingly, Kirkpatrick clarified that none of the current sightings involved maritime or underwater UAPs (noting that one purpoted maritime video was found to be a sensor glitch). However, the name UAP has been changed to encompass all modes of transportation. It has been switched from Aerial to Anomalous. 

“Those numbers … change weekly…” he told the media later when he confirmed the statistics. “My hope is that as we build out our website, those statistics will be [updated] in real time…”

AARO plans to present its next set of UAP findings to Washington D.C. on August 1, Kirkpatrick noted. This will include an unclassified version that the public can read.

After the UAP media, when the panel spoke with the media, David Spergel, chair of NASA’s independent study task force, clarified that the NASA team has not gone through AARO’s 800 sightings. 

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