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When Does The Walking Dead Daryl Spinoff Air?

Daryl Dixon new series

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Daryl has been a fan favorite since the first season of The Walking Dead, so it absolutely makes sense that a Daryl Dixon spin-off is in the works to continue TWD universe. With the series’ finale breaking records, all eyes will be on the several spin-offs. We’re really excited about this one, so we’ve looked into it a bit more to find out exactly when The Walking Dead Daryl Spinoff will air. Here’s what we found out.

The Daryl Dixon Spin-Off Set and Dates

The truth is that no real dates have been announced, aside from it being released with the other spin-offs during 2023. Dead City, the Negan and Maggie spinoff, is starting in April of 2023. 

A fan page of The Walking Dead posted this Tweet with first-look pictures.

And on November 26th, Twitter account The Walking Dead World posted the following:

So they’re filming Daryl’s spin-off, and it looks like it will release sometime in 2023. But we don’t have a more specific date than that at this time. 

What is the Daryl Dixon Spin-Off About?

Daryl’s motivations for embarking on an international quest in the spinoff of The Walking Dead imply he will be looking for answers about the origin of the undead outbreak, the motivations behind the walkers’ evolutionary changes, and the possibility of a cure. We also know that the conclusion of The Walking Dead suggested that Daryl will be keeping an eye out for Rick and Michonne as he goes around, but details about him being in Europe might change this outcome. 

As The Digital Spy puts it, the fact that the show is located in France suggests that it will have connections to The Walking Dead: World Beyond. They reminded us that in the after-credits scene of the last episode of World Beyond, we see a woman in a deserted lab in France. She finds a video of Dr. Edwin Jenner, the scientist who told Rick Grimes in the last episode of The Walking Dead’s first season that everyone is already infected and will turn into zombies when they die. He went on to say that he was aware that scientists in France were attempting to find a cure, therefore giving the impression that France would be the country to save humanity and avert the end of the world.

You can see a transcript of that scene here.

Daryl Dixon Spin Off
Credit: AMC

However, the researchers had also been working on “variant cohorts,” which, as we have seen, make the virus’s symptoms far more severe. After the lady is killed by an armed guard and then came back as a Walker, she had the ability to move very quickly and had exceptional strength. This would confirm the fact that walkers are much faster and stronger over there, and we are now set for an even more terrorizing end of the world. Thanks, France. Goodbye Walkers, Hello Runners.

In a ComicBook interview, Reedus said “It’s epic in scale. The tone is much different, the [cinematography is] much different. The lighting’s different. We’re in castles and the storyline has a religious vibe to it. Part of the story is me around a bunch of people speaking French. I’m trying to figure out like, ‘Is this gonna be a fight?”

On November 20th, he posted this short and sweet goodbye to The Walking Dead on social media.

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