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TWD World Beyond S2E10: The Post-Credits Scene’s Variant Zombie Revelation

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 Episode 10, “The Last Light,” had a shocking ending that fans are still talking about. The most important part of that post-credits scene is hidden in the dialogue, which provided hints about the virus’ origin, along with some intriguing details that point to fast or strong “variant” zombies. (Which is later hinted about on The Walking Dead.) Read on for a transcript of that ending scene.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2, Episode 10, “The Last Light,” especially the post-credits scene. The episode releases on TV on December 5 and released a week before that on AMC+.

See What Dr. Jenner Said Below


On Reddit, Lukar115 was kind enough to provide a transcript of Dr. Jenner’s video. (See Dr. Jenner’s background in our story here.)

Here’s what Jenner said, according to the show’s subtitles:

The problem, as I see it, is that the samples we have simply aren’t fresh. There’s just too many variables involved on how the clock affects them, and even after a few minutes, we— we can’t get an accurate picture of the biology involved, at least from the start. We obviously have seen the end. Again and again. Still, we will have fresh samples soon. That’s a certainty.

Well, in brighter news, I’ve… reviewed the latest data on your side, and the use of cardiac plaques as a host medium for steroidal therapies to jump-start the circulatory system in the hopes of short-circuiting the brain or perhaps regaining function to cause nerve confusion is— is a fascinating approach, and we are all anxiously awaiting anything that comes back from your first trial. We all have to work together here. Solidarity, right?

Fact of the matter is, we only have so many supplies left. We’re not getting any more, so everything counts that much more. Every collection. Every test. I almost broke a petri dish yesterday and almost put my fist through the wall. Glad the “other Dr. Jenner” stopped me. The infirmary is closed. Sealed, actually. We’ve been venturing out for the basics. The “other Dr. Jenner” has gotten pretty damn good at it.

But getting back to the data— the idea of activating systems to work against reanimation is a promising idea. But, as we’ve discussed, the systems themselves have to be studied to see exactly how they’re working or not working… For example, can we build up acids in bodies that don’t have blood flow? Of course, that gets right back to that idea of jumpstarting circulatory systems… We need to do two things simultaneously— observe this and attack this.

At this point, the French scientist is shot. And Jenner continues on the video, saying:

I want to know more about these “variant cohorts” you referred to in our last communication. We haven’t seen anything like that here at all, nothing close. I hope this finds you as well as you can be. I hope you don’t lose faith. The day will come when we are going to beat this thing. At least, that’s what the “other Dr. Jenner” keeps telling me. And as you know, she’s smarter than me. Solidarité. A bientôt.

The Transcript of the Rest of the Dialogue


Lukar115 also provided a transcript on Reddit of the dialogue between the female scientist and the man who shot her, which happened while the video was playing.

  • M: Are you one of the doctors?
  • W: Yes.
  • M: You’ve been running… hiding, all this time?
  • W: Yes.
  • M: Are you a member of the Primrose team?
  • W: No. Violet.
  • M: Where is the Primrose team? Where did they go?
  • W: They weren’t here when it happened. When you all did what you did. They were at the conference. In Toledo.
  • M: Spain?
  • W: Ohio. America. I hoped against hope that they… were here. That somehow they came back… and that they were still working. And that they were close.
  • M: Why would you come back?
  • W: I was tired of running. And I had that hope against hope. And I had to try. If they were to return here… to their work… they might end all this… even after all this time.
  • M: They should be dead. If they aren’t… and they somehow come back like you… we won’t jail them like the others. We’ll kill them. End this? You started this. All the teams. Then… you made it worse.

What Does It All Mean About the Virus’ Origins?

The man’s conversation with the female scientist seems to be indicating that the virus itself started in France. (When he says “End this? You started this,” he seems to be hinting that the scientists who were part of the Primrose and Violet teams started the virus.)

There’s also talk in Jenner’s video about variants, which seems to indicate that not all of the zombie viruses are the same.

And on top of that, there’s the statement by the man who shot the scientist saying “you made it worse.” After he shoots her, we see the female scientist reanimate into a zombie that’s much stronger and faster than we’ve ever seen before. All this seems to indicate that not only did France start the virus, but scientists there also created a variant that is far worse and more dangerous than the original. The virus was probably started by accident. And the more dangerous variants were probably also an accident too. Perhaps their experiments with “activating” parts of the nervous system upon death, in an attempt to stop reanimation, actually created a stronger reanimated zombie.

Not only that, but the French doctor was shot in the head and still reanimated into a far stronger zombie. So that means this new variant isn’t just stronger, but harder to kill too. Yikes.

The graffiti on the wall also reads something like “the dead began here,” another indication that this is where the virus started. Or at least that the widely held belief by people in the region is that the French scientists started the virus. It doesn’t mean they are right, of course.

That’s my theory, quickly summed up. And it appears that the team who was involved in starting the whole thing was in Ohio when all hell broke loose. So they may still be somewhere in America.

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