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What Did Reiner Realize Eren Meant in Attack on Titan S4E26?

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There’s a moment in Attack on Titan Episode 85 (aka Season 4 Episode 26) where Reiner says, “so that’s what Eren meant.” What did he realize? Here is what fans had to say about that scene.

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Eren Believed He & Reiner Were ‘the Same’

Annie tells Armin, Mikasa, and Conny, “Unlike us, you probably wouldn’t have destroyed the wall that day.”

That’s when Reiner has a flashback to Eren telling him in Liberio, just before Tybur declared war on Paradis and Eren attacked the city: “Like I thought, I’m the same as you.” 

Reiner seems shocked and asks himself, “Is that… what he meant…?”

It appears that Reiner is realizing that Eren was acknowledging that if he had been in Reiner’s shoes, he would have broken through the Paradis wall too. While Armin, Mikasa, and Conny don’t really have that level of violence in them — where they kill their own comrades for what they believe is the greater good — Eren acknowledged that he is more like Reiner in that regard. (We learn later that Conny does indeed have it in him, although he hesitated far more than Reiner or Eren would.)

I’m really only surprised that Reiner is just now realizing what Eren meant, because it felt like Eren made it pretty clear when he was talking to Reiner and Falco at Liberio. Perhaps this explains why in his earlier battle with Eren, Reiner thought to himself that he and Eren weren’t just the same after all? Did he really miss what Eren was saying until just now?

Here’s What Fans Had to Say

Here’s what fans had to say in a Reddit discussion about the same topic.

Redditor u/midmidmidmidmidmid wrote: “Annie tells Armin, Mikasa, Jean and Connie that if they had have been in the warriors place they would not have broken the wall. I think Eren is the type of person that would have broken the wall just like Reiner had and so Reiner finally sees that him and Eren are both bad people compared to Mikasa, Jean, Armin and Connie who are good, or at least better, people.”

However, u/matthieuC replied that they were “Pretty sure Mikasa would have follow Eren breaking the wall.” Which is a good point. She’s only now come to the point of being ready to stand against Eren, and even now she’s not sure if she could bring herself to kill him.

Redditor u/Demhandlebars wrote, “They were both on a mission and both chose violence. Contrasting Armin and the others who are reluctant towards it.” This was followed by a discussion about whether or not Eren feels regret like Reiner has struggled with, if they are truly the same. I would guess likely so. In fact, Reiner’s realization might be more about giving us insight into how Eren is feeling right now, versus a look at Reiner’s own revelation.

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