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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 27 Preview Trailer: Looking Ahead to Episode 86

Attack on Titan Episode 86 (Season 4 Episode 27)

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Attack on Titan‘s newest episode just released, and we’re already ready for  Season 4 Episode 27 (Episode 86). Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next on March 20 to see the new episode. Here are all the details we have so far on “Retrospective,” including the preview trailer.

This Attack on Titan article will have spoilers for the newest episode, but the article is manga-spoiler-free. Check out our review and analysis of this week’s episode, “Traitor,” here.

Watch the Preview Trailer for Attack on Titan Episode 86 Below

Here’s the trailer for Episode 86, along with the English subtitles.

The official preview trailer (which is worded slightly differently than the subtitles above) tells us: “Hesitate and die. Aim the gun and pull the trigger. All while believing the betrayal leads to saving the world. Next episode, ‘Retrospective.'”

This synopsis almost feels like it’s from Conny’s perspective, since he betrayed his friends Samuel and Daz. Samuel especially had deep connections to Sasha, which you can read more about in our story here. No doubt, his actions are weighing heavily on him, especially since Sasha is dead and can’t absolve him of any guilt he might be feeling.

But I’m sure that the others involved (Mikasa, Jean, and Armin) will be feeling the same way. I’m hoping this is another action-focused episode, but the title “Retrospective” lends me to think this might be a more introspective type of episode where the characters are exploring how their actions are affecting them. This will also likely lead them to have more sympathy for Reiner, since he struggled with the same type of guilt after what he did.

Episode 86 Details & Photos

The official Attack on Titan website has not yet shared a synopsis and feature photo for the new episode yet. When they do, it will be posted here.

Here are some photos from the trailer that might shed some light on what to expect next week. The video these photos are from is embedded in the section above.

It looks like the Jaegerists are still putting up a big fight against Reiner and Annie. I thought the battle might be over after this week’s episode, but it’s still going on.


It’s still chilling to see Annie taking out Paradisian fighters again.


We see a clip of Magath just talking, which doesn’t reveal much.


But it does appear that Hange is having a serious discussion with Lady Azumabito.


I wonder what they could be talking about? Lady Azumabito knows a lot more about Titans and their history than Hange. And she is also related to Mikasa.


As a quick refresher, Hizuru had created the observation craft (aka flying boat) and it runs on iceburst stone. She intended to use it to observe the small Rumbling demonstration that Zeke and Eren were going to carry out. At least, that’s what she said. She was likely privy to Zeke’s ultimate plan, however.

She’s always had sympathy for Eldians, and even had watched out for Udo (RIP) during the big Tybur event in Liberio.

We don’t know much about her nation, except that Mikasa is of the royal bloodline. And we know that they are immune to the Founding Titan’s ability to wipe out memories, just like the Ackerman line is immune. It’s not clear where that power came from originally. But we do know that her people were friendly with King Fritz, before he retreated behind the walls and made his vow against war (which was also the moment when one of the Shogun’s children was accidentally left behind.)


There is also a clip of Mikasa covered in blood, dead bodies behind her.


Her being forced to kill her friends will no doubt weigh heavily on her. Will she be able to do the same to Eren?


We also learn that Floch is still alive, and fighting.


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