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Is Westworld Season 4 on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or YouTube?

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Now that Westworld Season 4 is about to begin, every Sunday this summer is going to be filled with popcorn, drinks, and edge-of-seat-ready viewing. We already know that the show is on HBO and HBO Max, but what about other services? Is Westworld Season 4 on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or YouTube? Let’s find out.

Yes, You Can Watch Westworld Season 4 on Hulu 

Westworld can be watched on Hulu by adding the HBO service to your streaming account. Not only will you get access to Westworld, but you will also be able to view HBO Originals like Game of Thrones, Euphoria, and Winning Time. you can also cancel this service anytime. This is a great option if you already have Hulu. 

You can also watch as part of a free trial if you want to test the platform with HBO Max. So that will give you a little time to watch the series for free. 

It’s No Longer on Amazon

Unfortunately, HBO is no longer available on Amazon Prime Video. When trying to log into the service, you will get a message that reads “HBO is no longer available through Amazon Prime Video. Your HBO subscription through Prime Video Channels was cancelled on September 15, 2021. Amazon will refund you for the remaining days in your monthly subscription period.”

Westworld season 4 streaming

Is Westworld Season 4 on YouTube or Netflix?

Looking for another service? Youtube has got you covered! If you have a YouTube TV membership, you’ll be able to add HBO to your current service. You can head over to the HBO website to find out how. You can also get a free trial of YouTube TV with HBO Max here, so this is another option if you’re wanting to start out watching the series for free. 

As for Netflix, it looks like the show will not stream there either. 

If you are in Canada, you’ll be able to watch Westworld through Crave TV and if you are overseas, SKY has you covered. Always for a price, of course, or if you’re lucky you’ll be able to snag yourself a free trial!  

A “dark odyssey about the fate of sentient life on Earth,” the fourth season of Westworld picks up seven years after the conclusion of Season 3. A theme park modeled around a romanticized depiction of the American Mafia in the 1930s will be featured in the series, it has been confirmed and shown in a trailer. How intriguing! 

Westworld Season 4 will air at 9 PM Eastern / 8 PM Central on HBO and  HBO Max this coming Sunday, on June 26, 2022. Every new episode will air on the following Sundays at the same time. The final episode will air on August 14, which means that this season is going to contain 8 episodes. 

We’re especially excited about Season 4 because of the time jump between Season 3 and 4. When we left off with Season 3, Maeve and Caleb had teamed up and were prepared to lead the revolution that Dolores and Caleb had kicked off. But as for Dolores, it looked like she was killed by Sirac and Rehoboam, although there’s still a chance that part of her lives on.

And then Charlotte-Dolores is still around, but she’s on a very different trajectory than OG Dolores. It’s interesting to see how the same personality can change based on their experiences and interactions. 

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