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What Time Does Westworld Season 4 Premiere?

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The last time we saw Westworld on our screens was in May of 2020 when we discovered Dolores’ true intentions. More than two years later, we are still sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting for what will come. The robopocalypse is upon us and Westworld Season 4 will premiere on June 26 on HBO and HBO Max. But exactly what time will we be able to watch it? Read on for all the details. 

What Time Does Westworld Season 4 Premiere? 

Westworld Season 4 will air at 9 PM Eastern / 8 PM Central on HBO and  HBO Max this coming Sunday, on June 26, 2022. Every new episode will air on the following Sundays at the same time. The final episode will air on August 14, which means that this season is going to contain 8 episodes. 

Season 4’s official trailer dropped on May 10th of this year and has left fans of the show excited for this coming season. 

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The fifth season is automatically commissioned even though season four has not yet aired thanks to the five-year deal arrangement that series creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have agreed to. This means that viewers should anticipate the fifth installment sometime in 2023, assuming that filming goes according to plan.

Where Did We Leave the Show?

If you’re looking for a fresh reminder of what happened in seasons 1 through 3, Westworld’s Twitter account has posted a short video to help you through that process.

As a short refresher, the season followed Dolores teaming up with Caleb (whom many still call Jesse because of Aaron Paul’s Breaking Bad days.) We learned that Rehoboam was a massive AI created by Sirac to control the destinies of all humans, in an attempt to prevent an apocalypse from happening. But in many ways, this meant that humanity was being controlled just like Dolores and the other robots were being controlled in the Westworld park. 

When the season ended, Sirac had connected Dolores to Rehoboam in an attempt to get information from her. But instead, Dolores uploaded a file provided by Solomon (a previous AI iteration) that shut down Rehoboam completely. Sirac died at the end, but it looked like Dolores died too. (But what was left of her may have been uploaded into the AI.) Rehoboam was defeated and humanity was free. But freedom also meant chaos and violence as they tried to find a new way in the world. 

Maeve, who had been working against Dolores the whole time, realized that Sirac never meant to keep up his end of the deal. So she ended up switching sides at the end. As the finale ended, Maeve and Caleb were teamed up, preparing to lead the new revolution. 

But at the same time, Bernard had entered the Sublime (i.e. the digital heaven afterlife created for the robot souls), while leaving Stubbs bleeding out in a bathtub. The last scene showed Bernard returning from the Sublime years later, his body covered in dust. 

We also saw William visiting an international Delos headquarters and finding Dolores-as-Charlotte waiting for him. She had created a host William who slit his throat. It looks like Human William is dead, and Host William is taking his place. 

Are you excited about the show returning? What are you expecting to see this season on Westworld? Let us know!

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