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Utopia Cancelled: Where can I watch Utopia in other countries?

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Utopia may be at its end in the United States, but you can still watch Utopia in multiple forms in other countries. If you need a fix, there are a few places you can go to get it. And even though these versions aren’t in English, you can get subtitles thanks to the wonders of technology and YouTube. 😉


We’re past one year for the original Utopia, which is in Dutch. But thanks to YouTube user Utopia, tons of episodes and live feed clips are available online, so you can still watch Utopia.  Here’s a clip in Dutch. (And why, at 1:55, is the song in ENGLISH??? “Let’s make a story to teeelllll.”)

But guess what? Someone ELSE has provided the exact same video, dubbed over in ENGLISH. 😀

Now, if you want to see the original episodes that haven’t been dubbed over, you still can. Just use YouTube’s handy subtitles feature! You can watch Utopia videos with English subtitles if you want! Here’s how:

Dit is Utopia YouTube

First, click on the “CC” subtitles button to turn on subtitles. Next, click on the gear next to it for settings. At this point, you can scroll down to “Translate Captions” and choose English. The translations aren’t perfect, but they’ll definitely help you get your fix.

NOTE: This doesn’t work for every Utopia video online. But it seems to work for Utopia user’s videos.

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A Utopia in Turkey just started this last week. Can you believe it? Around the same time that the one here in the U.S. was canceled. It’s on Turkey’s TV8.

They’ve got live feeds and a website just like in the U.S., in case you’re a junkie and need a Utopia fix.

Coming to Canada? 

According to this story, Utopia is coming to Canada’s City TV this fall. However, word has it that this might actually be a story about Canada airing the U.S. Utopia. Let’s hope not. 🙁


A Utopia for Germany is starting this spring!


On its way… Not sure yet when.

We’ll update this post as we learn more! We’re crossing our fingers that Canada or Australia will start its very own English-language Utopia in the near future. If you’d like to be automatically updated, please subscribe to the blog via the form below. 🙂 If you just want periodic weekly updates, you can sign up for the newsletter on the right!

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