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The 100 Reapers: Top theories about their connection to Mount Weather – Season 2 Episode 3

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The 100 Reapers, Clarke’s action-filled escape, Abby’s punishment… This episode didn’t quit. And Clarke is at it again, finding danger where others would only find chocolate cake…  (SPOILERS up to Season 2 Episode 3: Reapercussions, plus theories about the Reapers below!)

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Seriously, I have to admit it… If I was at Mount Weather, one bite of chocolate cake and I’d be whistling down the halls and ignoring signs of anything bad. In the post-apocalypse, I would NOT break out of a shelter that had chocolate cake!

I’m weak. 🙁

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But our hero, Clarke, is not like me and kept digging until she got some startling information. The Mount Weather folks were bleeding the grounders for their blood’s healing capabilities! Once more, another post-apocalyptic show this season has humans used as some type of cattle. Hmmm…. Theme? I’ll be blogging about that soon, so you might want to subscribe to the blog via email! (See the sidebar on the right!) 😉

I do have a question from this episode…

Why trust the Grounders?! 

OK, Clarke breaks Anya out of her cage and escapes with her… Isn’t that just jumping out of the frying pan into the fire? I mean, the Mount Weather folks rescued them from the Grounders. They were fighting each other, the Grounders were trying to slaughter them. And now she’s decided to side with the Grounders against Mount Weather? I really don’t get that quick, seemingly easy-to-make choice. Why would the Grounders change their ways in just a couple days?

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Mount Weather’s Secret – and our top theories

We did learn something interesting at the end… The Mount Weather folks control the Reapers! (And now Lincoln.) It’s through something called The Cerebrus program. That’s kind of crazy.

What is the Cerebrus Program? 

Genetically Enhanced Guards or Hunters?

I think the Mount Weather folks might be creating the Reapers. Why else can they control them? Maybe it’s because “Reapers” sounds so similar to Firefly’s Reavers. (SPOILERS if you haven’t watched through the Serenity movie!)

As you know, the Reavers were created as a result of a failed experiment. I think the Reapers may be similar. Think about it… I’m pretty sure everyone we saw in the cages were female Grounders. And all the Reapers we’ve seen are male…

So, Mount Weather may capture male Grounders and choose the stronger ones to be part of the Cerebrus program.  The Reapers serve as a kind of guard to Mount Weather’s entrance so the Grounders can never get in on their own. They are radiation-resistant soldiers who, although crazy, keep anyone else from getting near the underground entrance.

The Reapers might also be charged with getting other Grounders and bringing them to Mount Weather for the blood supply.

The question is whether they were made purposefully insane (which makes them a great deterrent to the Grounders) or whether, like the Reavers, the tech used on them resulted in them becoming insane.

What do you think? Comment below with your theory!

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