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‘Reality Melting’ UFO Truth ‘Will Be Accelerated’ Next Year, Says Writer Who Interviewed Grusch

UFO disclosure may be speeding up, a writer who interviewed Grusch says. Pictured is an illustration of what a UFO might look like. (Canva)

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UFO whistleblower David Grusch believes that UFO disclosure will be accelerated in the next year in a way that is “astonishing,” shared novelist Walter Kirn. Kirn recently interviewed Grusch for his print-only publication Country Highway. He shared more details about his conversation with Grusch during a recent YouTube interview. 

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Grusch’s Revelations Were ‘Reality Melting,’ Novelist Says

Kirn, who met with Grusch for an extensive interview, spoke about his meeting during an interview with James Poulos on BlazeTV’s Zero Hour. He said, around the 30-minute mark into the interview, that he spent about 10 hours with Grusch and his wife and learned “reality melting” revelations. 

“His conclusion was that we had all these craft hidden away, that there’s been a craft retrieval program that’s gone on … since actually the 1930s,” Kirn recalled. “That there are even bodies that have been recovered. That there may be some forms of agreement between our government and these other non-human intelligences… So he told me this whole story. A lot of it off the record.” 

The conversation really impacted Kirn, he added. 

“I came away feeling like somebody had thrown sort of a mind grenade into my skull, because it’s a reality melting prospect that there are other forms of life, some of them supposedly interdimensional non-corporeal,” he said. “A lot more like spirits maybe than ET. That we’ve known about this. That we’ve put sort of the best defense contractors on the problem of exploiting the technology, and possibilities that have been introduced by their presence.” 

Grusch, he added, seemed to indicate that disclosure will be accelerated in an astonishing way this coming year. 

“He (Grusch) assured me that the reveal has kind of got a schedule now and in the next year will be accelerated in a way that the whole world will find astonishing,” Kirn shared.

Kirn interviewed Grusch for his print-only publication Country Highway. Country Highway can only be read with a subscription, and the latest issue featured the Grusch interview on the magazine’s front page. 

Kirn Said He Doesn’t Believe Authorities Are in Conflict, but There’s Actually an Unspoken Consensus for Disclosure 

David Grusch gives an interview to Ross Coulthart
Screenshot of David Grusch’s interview with Ross Coulthart on News Nation

Kirn himself has said he hasn’t seen any evidence for aliens but he’s been told “the information operation … is serious, very serious, and it’s going to grow more intense…”

“Whatever the truth is and whatever the actual nature of the phenomenon, you’re gonna have to deal with it,” Kirn said. “You’re going to be asked to believe, and you’re gonna be asked to believe by our authorities.”

He added that he doesn’t believe there’s as much conflict within the government over disclosure as we are led to believe.

“They act as if they’re all in conflict…and that drama adds interest, but my sense of it is that there is kind of a consensus at some level about rolling out more of this, and the theater is a little distracting,” Kirn said. “The powers that be have decided that we should know more.”

Kirn Speculated on Whether ‘Our Very Belief Systems’ Are ‘Being Re-Engineered’

But then Kirn questioned whether the government might be pushing a new type of “fairy tale.” 

“What if it’s all a fairytale?” Kirn asked. “…What if this is the first government-issued fairy tale? I mean, it wouldn’t be the first, but the biggest. That has strange implications. It means that our very belief systems about ourselves, our past, and our universe are being re-engineered at the highest level… If you want to be conspiratorial, paranoid, and skeptical about this whole thing… you would conclude that a substitute religion is being prepared for mankind or even a substitute science… I happen to know that what is set to come out involves things like the genetic manipulation of the human being through time and so on. I mean, really weird stuff.” 

Kirn added that Grusch was a very poised, confident, and believable man. Kirn said he had an “iron-clad agreement” not to discuss anything that Grusch wasn’t cleared to share, but for all intents and purposes, Grusch seemed like a normal guy. 

Kirn posted about his Grusch interview on X (formerly known as Twitter), writing: “I spent two engrossing days in the mountains with the energetic & resolute “UFO whistleblower” Dave Grusch, interviewing him for the new issue of @CountyHwy, our print-only newspaper. It was an affecting experience…”

Walter Kirn on Twitter
Walter Kirn on Twitter

There’s a lot to unpack about the article, which can only be read in print. At one point during the interview, Grusch speculated to Kirn that aliens might be “indifferent to us at best.” 

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