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Congressman After UFO Briefing: Experimental Propulsion May ‘Change All Our Lives’

A Congressman believes new propulsion tech may change our lives. (Canva)

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On Thursday, October 26, several House members attended a classified UFO briefing intended to go over some of whistleblower David Grusch’s evidence. (Grusch was not at the meeting, but the Inspector General of the Department of Defense was.) While most Congress members left the meeting feeling disappointed, one had a very different take and even talked very briefly about a new form of propulsion that was mentioned during the SCIF. 

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‘Somebody Has Discovered … Some Advanced Form of Propulsion’

The classified SCIF meeting involved multiple members of the House of Representatives, the Inspector General of the Department of Defense Robert Storch, and members of his team. The intention was to go over some of the evidence that Grusch had shared with the DoD IG about his allegations of a secret UAP retrieval program.

SCIF is short for “Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility.” This is the only place where highly classified information, such as Grusch’s evidence about a possible UAP program, can be shared

Rep. Eric Burlison, one of the House members who attended the SCIF, shared more details than anyone else so far about what happened in the meeting. Askapol reported that when he was speaking with reporters, he briefly referenced a new form of propulsion that was mentioned in the meeting. 

Burlison shared, in part: “What it appears to be is that somebody has discovered something—some advanced form of propulsion or technology—that might actually change all of our lives. Make it for the better. But clearly it’s in an experimental phase or we’re experimenting with it… I wanna know to what extent, how much we are spending.” 

Burlison made the statement while he and Rep. Tim Burchett spoke briefly to reporters after the SCIF meeting ended. 

Burlison also was concerned about the lack of ability to track how funds are being spent. 

Burchett said, “At one point, the Pentagon, 60% of their assets were unaccounted for… This last deal, when we raised those issues, they penalized them by giving them 30 billion additional dollars. So, I mean, that’s pretty clear. We’re afraid to ask, and if you ask, you’re not being patriotic.”

You can see more quotes and details from Congressmen, and you can listen to Burlison’s full statements about the meeting, in Askapol’s substack publication.

The quotes from Burlison are also being discussed and debated on the UFOs subreddit.

One person commented, “Are we shooting down experimental aircraft over Alaska then? That’s an egregious waste of tax dollars…” 

Burlison Also Said What He Learned Isn’t ‘Keeping Me Up at Night’

Rep. Burlison (C-SPAN)
Rep. Burlison (C-SPAN)

In an interview with the Daily Wire, Burlison said that what he’s learned about UFOs so far isn’t big enough to keep him up at night.

“I think that, at the end of the day, there’s a lot of money being spent, a lot of tax dollars being spent, and the American people and members of Congress know what is going on,” Burlison said.

After the SCIF, he told the Daily Wire that his perspective on UAPs hasn’t changed, but he still believes they need more details on what’s going on. 

“It’s really frustrating because I can’t say what was said, but I’ll just say, my viewpoint about the UAP phenomenon has not changed,” Burlison said. “My worldview of what we’re seeing, what we’re experiencing, is that it’s likely U.S. experimental, whether it’s from the private sector or being done through a black operation within the Department of Defense or Energy… I’ll just say this: UFOs are not keeping me up at night. They weren’t before, and after this meeting, they weren’t.” 

Burchett also spoke to the Daily Wire, noting that the new House speaker, Mike Johnson, “seems very receptive” to the idea of investigating Grusch’s claims more in-depth, which might include a select committee.

“He’s not beholden to the defense contractors,” Burchett added. 

 The next SCIF meeting on November 16 will be with the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community. Post Apocalyptic Media previously reported that the ICIG is likely investigating Grusch’s claims, based on an in-depth look at a letter the ICIG sent to Burchett and other representatives. 

In Post Apocalyptic Media’s in-depth look at Grusch’s claims, we also noted that Grusch first provided evidence in July 2021 to the Department of Defense Inspector General, alleging that UAP-related information was being illegally withheld from Congress. He said that he suffered retaliation at his job after this, and retained attorney Charles McCullough III, a former Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG), to represent him in filing a statutory whistleblower complaint to the current Inspector General of the Intelligence Community (ICIG), Thomas A. Monheim. 

McCullough filed Grusch’s complaint in May 2022 and Grusch testified, under oath, about what he knew. By July 2022, the ICIG ruled that Grusch’s assertion that information was being inappropriately concealed from Congress was both urgent and credible. 

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