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Alone Season 10, Episode 3 Recap and Review

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Episode 3 of History Channel’s Alone, Season 10, takes place over Days 10 – 19. Ten contestants remain at the start of the episode. 

This is a recap and review of episode 3.

Spoilers to follow!

Here’s Our Alone Season 10 Episode 3 Recap and Review


We left Mikey supposedly dying of stomach upset, but the next morning, which happens to be his birthday, he feels a bit better. He had a dream about his son, which was uplifting but also made him miss his family more. He decides to forage and finds a grouse. He hits it on the second shot but loses an arrow. 

The next day, he uses an alder branch to make a replacement arrow. He shares his views about respectfulness and his son’s Autism, which raises valid points about ignorance. 


On day 11, Alan is binding logs together and eating birch cones and fungus. He’d set up snares a day ago, and today he’s working on his Teepee shelter. His plan to increase his chances of winning is to keep things as simple as possible and disrupt as much as possible. He builds his shelter in one day. 

He goes to check his snares and finds a pine marten stuck in one. Because he’s not allowed to eat it, he has to set it free. He covers it with his jacket, then cuts the wire. It escapes. He decides to take down his snares because he’s worried about catching the wrong animals. It’s important to him to be an ethical hunter. 

On Day 16, Alan shows off his shelter in a rather hilarious way. He fishs for pike. He lands one and screams with joy, as he hasn’t eaten real food in five days. 


On day 13, Cade finds a wasp nest he plans to use for fire starter. He’s been struggling since we saw him last due to the loss of his arrows. He found a bucket in the meantime and had been using it as a chair. He makes a pretty impressive arrow. 

By day 16, he’s making more arrows. He hears a grouse and manages to successfully hunt it. I was pretty certain he was screwed after losing those arrows, but now I wonder whether he’s more of a frontrunner in the competition due to his resourcefulness. 

He makes a firepit with his wasp nest and cooks his grouse. He talks about his childhood growing up in poverty while he heads to the lake. After, he returns to his shelter area to find that he’s almost started a forest fire. Luckily he has that bucket for dumping water, but he has to spend hours making sure the burn is entirely out.  


On day 17, Luke shows off a contraption made with his gaiters for creating berry cakes. He’s caught 11 fish so far, so decides to make a second shelter. This one is built into the ground, to be truly protected from the wind and other elements. He also modified his spade to make a shovel. His new shelter is massive, a tribute to his dad.


Day 15 finds Lee sawing some logs. He brings in his net to find it hasn’t caught anything. He decides to focus on his shelter, which is a trapper-style cabin. He’s choosing massive logs, which seems a bit unnecessary (but which I love to watch come together). He gets tired very quickly. 

On day 17, Lee has more of his shelter together, near-completing it. He finishes it by adding moss to the roof. He talks about starving in his childhood and reflects on how his father struggled and what he learned from it.  He puts the door on the cabin, and essentially moves in. 

That night he sleeps inside but has some physiological issues like ringing in his ears. The next day he goes fishing again, with no success. He decides enough is enough and calls it on day 18.

Unfortunately, he only had one night with his sweet cabin. Upon reflection, he talks about how doing Alone made him appreciate what his dad went through and that his own severe independence has limited him in life. 


On day 14, Ann is doing some laundry by rubbing her clothes on a rock. She decides to go hunting and lands a grouse. Ann talks about her relationship with her mother and how she struggled to make her feel proud, especially with her lifestyle and career choices. Ann is on the show to prove to herself what she can do. She hears a moose and finds it taking a dip in the lake. 

alone Season 10

On day 19, Ann shows off her sweater, which is a tribute to her perfectionist mom. She tries another hunt, calling for moose. Afterward, she says she feels dizzy and ill. She contemplates the feasibility of hunting a moose in general. She heads back to her shelter to drink some water. Like Lee, she also taps out. 

She explains that she doesn’t want to go but that it was an accomplishment and a gift to be there. She’s lost the need for validation that has always held her back.  


Well, that didn’t go the way I expected! Lee seemed like a strong candidate in episode one, but being unable to procure food is a major drawback. Based on what we’ve seen in this episode, I think Luke has a great chance, at least until the fish stop biting. The show also made it seem like Mikey and Cade were in over their heads, but Mikey’s determination and Cade’s ability to recover after losing his arrows make me wonder whether they might be stronger candidates than they were first made out to be. We’ll have to see how the other set of contestants are doing next episode!


The next episode airs on June 29th on History Channel and StackTV.

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