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Are You Rick, Carol, Michonne or Daryl in These Walking Dead 2020 Calendar Memes?

The Walking Dead 2020 Calendar Meme

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Do you ever just feel like you are over 2020? So much has happened that listing it all here in this article would take forever. I just know that I am over it and I am tired. Well, there’s no better way to illustrated how 2020 has changed us than through the evolution of characters on The Walking Dead. These calendar memes for TWD characters reflect my mood perfectly in so many ways.

2020 is an entire mood, and these #TWD calendar memes with Rick, Daryl, Carol, and Michonne reflect it perfectly. Click To Tweet

Which of these characters from The Walking Dead best reflect how you’ve handled 2020 so far? We have Carol, Rick, Michonne, and Daryl to choose from below.

Carol’s TWD Calendar Mood Meme

Carol is a survivor in this #TWD calendar mood meme for September. Click To Tweet

I’ve always enjoyed Carol’s evolution on The Walking Dead itself, and I’m excited she’s getting her own series with Daryl. This one is for people who really struggled at first, but now are rising to meet all the challenges of 2020 and tapping into their inner apocalyptic survivor. Oh, and if you muted someone on your Facebook timeline in September, then Carol’s calendar is for you.

Rick’s TWD Calendar Mood Meme

Rick's feelings are my feelings in this #TWD calendar mood meme for September Click To Tweet

Are you letting your beard grow out? Are you more focused on hygiene than survival? Do you feel like you’re losing your mind this month? Rick started out with plans to grow a garden and chill during 2020, but now he’s over the whole thing in this calendar meme.

Daryl’s TWD Calendar Mood Meme

Daryl went from being badass to very badass in this #TWD calendar mood meme for September. Click To Tweet

Daryl got a little more unkempt as the year went on, with his hair getting longer and longer in this calendar meme, but he also went from being badass to being VERY badass and ready for whatever the world is throwing at him.

Michonne’s TWD Calendar Mood Meme

Michonne is all about protecting her family in this 2020 calendar meme. She started out enjoying things as she could, but then she had to get serious and teach her child survival skills. She had a bit of a breakdown in August, but now she’s back on track and ready to take on the rest of 2020.

Michonne is protecting her family and overcoming everything in this #TWD 2020 calendar meme. Click To Tweet

Picking the perfect fit is tough since things change from day to day. I’m personally feeling like Rick a lot of the time, sometimes with a dash of Carol (especially when I mute people on my Facebook timeline, haha.)

Which one fits your feelings about 2020 best so far?

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