#SignstheApocalypseHasArrived Is Trending: Here Are the Top Apocalypse Signs

Signs the Apocalypse Has Arrived

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Well, it feels like the whole world is on board with feeling like the apocalypse is here. Right now on Twitter, “Signs the Apocalypse Has Arrived” (#SignstheApocalypseHasArrived) is trending on Twitter. It’s a lovely way to start your 2020 Sunday. So why do people think the apocalypse has arrived this time? Here are the top tweets and photos about it all that you might have missed.

Well, #SignstheApocalypseHasArrived is trending, which I guess is another sign the apocalypse has arrived. Share on X

First, there are the skies turning red in the western half of the United States, making it look like Mars over there. It’s heartbreaking. 🙁 That’s one of the top tweets right now for the trend.

I’ve been reporting on the fires in Oregon, California, and Washington for my job, and it is SO sad and scary.

And this tweet has a good point. The color scheme does match apocalyptic movies. Yikes.

Someone else pointed out that the red skies reminded them of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Look at the smoke in Seattle:

Extreme weather events, like earthquakes in New Jersey and fire tornadoes in California, could be signs of the apocalypse.

Seeing hell from your plane could be another sign.

How about cardboard cutouts watching sports in a dystopian hellscape? It’s not part of the trend right now on Twitter but it should be.

Remember when toilet paper ran out? I think we’re still low on Clorox wipes, but the toilet paper is back…isn’t it? I’m not even sure because reality is so confusing.

This iconic photo is the perfect illustration of 2020.

Rain or shine or apocalypse, UPS is still running.

Raining ash isn’t good.

We have a plague, so that’s another sign.

The saddest tweet is the one that says you just need to look out your window for signs. 🙁

It’s really disturbing out there.

Honestly, it was this video that REALLY got to me:

The trend itself is a sign.

Or maybe just the entire year is a sign.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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