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Tom Hanks’ Finch Gets Final Release Date of November 5, For Real This Time


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Apple has announced today that its original sci-fi film Finch, starring Tom Hanks, has finally set a release date of November 5.

Finch stars Hanks as an inventor (named Finch) who survives an apocalyptic solar event with his dog, Goodyear. Finch loves his dog so much that he spends all of his time and robotics engineering knowledge to build a robot to act as Goodyear’s companion when he’s gone.

The robot, played by Screen Actors Guild Award winner Caleb Landry Jones, joins Finch and Goodyear on a wild adventure through the remnants of the American West to learn what’s it like to be alive. But Hanks’ character struggles with his plans as the robot (who named himself Jeff) doesn’t exactly get along with Goodyear.

The movie, originally called BIOS when it was announced in 2017, was the subject of a multi-studio bidding war that ended up with Amblin Entertainment coming out on top. Legendary director/producer Robert Zemekis was named as executive producer early on, as well as Game of Thrones director Miguel Sapochnik who will be joining other heavyweights like Blade Runner and Alien writer Ivor Powell.

Originally planned for an October 2020 release, Finch (then still called BIOS) was postponed several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In June of 2020, the release date was moved to April 16, 2021, and in January of 2021, it was moved again to August 13, 2021, and then again a week later to August 20, 2021… a place where it sat on our calendar until recently. These constant date moves and silence from Amblin didn’t bode well for the highly anticipated film.

But in May, the movie faced a name reshuffling from BIOS to Finch and was just last week given the (hopefully!) final release date of Friday, November 5, 2021.

[Via Apple]

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