BC Wildfires Displaying Surreal Post-Apocalyptic Scenes

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Fires are raging in British Columbia, Canada and destroying acres of forests. Many municipalities have been evacuated, roads closed, and it is a scary time for our northern friends. Residents and news reporters have been posting pictures of the devastation the wildfires are causing and using the hashtag #BcWildfires on Twitter to display images that highly resembles an idea of a post-apocalyptic world.

The Weather Network has posted a video online with reporter Kyle Brittain who explains “I’m not staying outside for very long because the air is just stinging my eyes and my throat.” as he displays the neighborhood in Vernon, BC, where smoke has completely filled the skies, darkening the area in the very early evening.

BC Fires

Users on Twitter are quick to post scary images to their feed, while others also warn people not to travel to British Columbia as fires dangerously move with the strong winds.


The following image looks like something straight out of any post-apocalyptic movie.

Source: Global News

A post from the BC Transportation Twitter account warns travellers of road closures.

BC Wildfires

These images from the #BCWildfires look straight out of a post-apocalyptic movie! Share on X

Some posts however show a little bit of hope. Like user Jordan Armstrong who was happy to see rain today.


Some areas of BC are currently experiencing rain, which is a godsend to help the many firefighters currently fighting these wildfires. A heartfelt message from Kyle Young with the BC Wildfire Service has been posted online to ask folks to be kind as the many men and women risk their lives to put the fires out.

This season we have been tested and we have done everything possible to ensure people are safe. I understand there are other opinions out there that might not agree with that sentiment, but please know, from someone who has only been able to spend six days with his family since June 30th, I can attest to the dedication from every single person who is employed on these fires.” Young wrote on Facebook early this week.

People can follow the live interactive map of the fires currently blazing through British Columbia here.

These images sure are scary and we send all of the good vibes, prayers, fingers crossed, strength and everything needed to all of those who are affected by those fires. Stay safe out there.



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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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