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Tom Hanks BIOS Film Renamed Finch, Releasing Exclusively on Apple+

Tom Hanks

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We’ve been watching new of the upcoming Tom Hanks film BIOS with great interest over the last year or so, and we were sad to hear that the movie’s potential release date was pushed back earlier this year.

But the good news here is that the movie is still planned for release, now exclusively on Apple+, while the bad news is that the title has been changed to Finch. Doesn’t that sound like some kind of buddy cop movie or an animated comedy about a small bird that learns a powerful lesson about love? Hopefully it will grow on us.

Strange name aside, the title points to the surname of the main character, played by Hanks, who befriends a robot of his own creation in order to establish a caretaker for his dog, Goodyear. The brilliant inventor knows that his time is limited after a catastrophic solar event decimated most of the earth, so the survival of Goodyear is top priority.

This will be Hanks’ second Apple+ exclusive after the World War II thriller Greyhound became Apple’s most-watched film, even earning an Oscar nomination for Best Sound.

And it’s important to note that this is not Apple’s first foray into epic post-apocalyptic worlds. See, starring Jason Momoa, was a brilliant series from Apple that impressed us with its creative storyline and attention to detail.

Finch will be released by Amblin Entertainment, after originally planning to launch by Universal, but the rest of the production team has stayed on point, including Emmy-award-winning Game of Thrones director Miguel Sapochnik (he directed that amazing “Battle of the Bastards” episode) and the legendary Robert Zemeckis as Executive Producer.

While there’s no set launch date yet for Finch, it’s expected to release “in awards season,” according to Deadline.

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