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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Episode 4: Two Trailers Reveal Sneak Peeks

The Handmaid's Tale Season 4 Episode 4 Trailer

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Viewers are still reeling over how The Handmaid’s Tale’s first three episodes ended. With Season 4 Episode 4 closing in, we finally have a description and two trailers, including a trailer released in Israel that wasn’t publicly released in the U.S.

This article has minor spoilers for The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Episode 4. 

The New Episode Is Called ‘Milk’ & Will Focus on Janine


According to Hulu’s listing, the new episode is called “Milk” and will focus on Janine’s past. The description reads: “June takes a harrowing journey. Janine remembers a stressful experience in her past. In Toronto, Serena tries to manipulate Rita.”

Hulu’s Trailer

First, you can watch Hulu’s trailer below (with Spanish subtitles.) The trailer aired after Hulu’s Inside the Episode feature for Episode 3.

From the trailer, it appears that June and Janine are planning to go west to Chicago. They also connect with a man that we’ve seen in the trailer for Season 4, though it’s unclear what role he’s going to play. It looks like he’s part of some kind of underground rebellion group.

The Israeli Trailer Reveals More

The trailer released in Israel is longer and reveals more about Episode 4. It was shared on a subreddit that shares spoilers for the show.

In this trailer, we can see that they have to travel through a sewer at some point to get to their destination. We also get a sneak peek of Rita’s conversation with Serena, where Serena admits to her that she hasn’t told Fred about her pregnancy. It looks like the Waterfords may still be trying to have some kind of hold over Rita though, since she has to remind Tuello that she was considered property in Gilead.

We also can hear Janine yelling, “We’re going to the front of a war?!” She must be talking about Chicago. In a previous season, June revealed that Gilead and American soldiers were still fighting in Chicago, including with tanks, according to The Handmaid’s Tale wiki. Last season, we learned fighting was growing in Chicago and Gilead had deployed more soldiers there in a surge. They discussed a possible bombing campaign there too, which Lawrence had advised against. So things are pretty intense in the Chicago area.

Overall, I’m excited to see the frontlines in Chicago. We’ve heard so much about the city and the fighting there; it’s going to be fascinating to see it through June’s and Janine’s eyes.

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