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TikTok Time Traveler Warns About Important October Dates


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What is it about time travelers on TikTok being so popular lately?

The Latest Video Is a Warning About Next Month Specifically


In a recent post by TikTok user timevoyaging, we get word that October is an important month for dates to remember. Does that mean those dates mark when the end of the world will happen? No one really knows, but I do know one thing for certain: the comments are comedy gold.

“Ayo….. I kinda feel like a time traveler too ngl remember january 32nd,” one TikTok users jokes.

@timevoyaging You all need to have faith… #fyp #fypage #timevoyaging #timetravel #timetraveler #viral #xyzbca #2022 #conspiracy ♬ Clicking Gears – Truth Needs To Be Out

Timevoyaging claims to be from the year 2096 and has claimed everything from a zombie pig escaping a lab on October 8th to a category 6 hurricane hitting the U.S. east coast in 2023.

One of this user’s most notorious claims is that a man will die on August 5th and be brought back to life on August 8th to tell everyone once and for all what happens after death. In the most recent videos, fans ask what happened to that man since this event allegedly occurred a month ago, but timevoyaging claims that the man is still in the hospital recovering. OF COURSE.

@timevoyaging 24 hours… #fyp #fypage #timevoyaging #timetravel #timetraveler #viral #xyzbca #2022 #conspiracy ♬ Ghost of Pala – Truth Needs To Be Out

The warnings this time are for October 8, October 24, and October 30.

We’ve Had TikTok Warnings About the Future Before

This isn’t the first TikTok account to claim to be a time traveler sent to warn us of important dates. Back in January, a man claiming to be from 2028 was “sent back” to warn us about the apocalypse. The account currently has 6.9 million followers and the user is still uploading “proof” videos to this day. Shout out to my 90 TikTok followers.

And then in May, another TikTok user claiming a similar story cited specific dates for catastrophic events. July 14th’s big earthquake and August 9th’s mysterious disappearance of over 2 million people haven’t happened, but we still have their October 3rd prediction of stalkers roaming the globe to worry about.

OK, back to those comments:

“Im a time traveller i can prove it i took a picture of spurs’s trophy cabinet and its still empty”

“I’m still waiting for you to tell me when will my dad came back WITH the milk”

“If I was a time traveler I would not download tiktok”

Right now, timevoyaging has 124k followers, but they say there will be a big face reveal at 1M followers. That seems more interesting than the other stuff.

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