Another Time Traveler Claims to Know the Earth’s End Date in 2022

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Our planet’s expiration date has fascinated cultures for thousands of generations. Heck, that’s why you’re currently reading a site called But a recent soothsayer claims that he knows the exact date and circumstances leading up to the big apocalypse. His predictions have caused quite a stir among people who wonder why he says what he does and if he knows something we don’t. Keep reading, because we’ll be showing you some of his predictions and a video later in this story. 

The Predictions Originated with a User on TikTok

TikTok user thehiddengod1 (Kawhi Leonard) claims to know a time traveler from the year 2034 who has revealed documents showing the dates of events that will lead up to Armageddon, The Sun and other sources reported. 

You may remember back in January when a similar claim was made by a man claiming to be a time traveler from the year 2028. TikTok user unicosobreviviente (Javier from Spain) had been posting videos for a year before anyone picked up on his message and made the account viral.

But Javier’s story and subsequent photos on TikTok had several discrepancies, mainly the fact that it was obvious that he was just using the pandemic’s stay-at-home orders to make it seem like the streets of Valencia, Spain were abandoned after the end of the world. Oddly enough, Javier still had electricity and internet access.

Here are the Main Predictions & a Video

But this new claim states that the social media user knows a time traveler, so that makes way more sense.

Here are this time traveler’s predicted dates of destruction, so mark them on your Google Calendar:

– July 14th 2022 – ‘The great split’ America’s biggest earthquake.

– August 9th 2022 – Over 2 million people around the world mysteriously disappear.

– October 3rd 2022 – Creatures known as stalkers will appear around the globe.

Strangely, the TikTok user seems to have taken down his videos or made them private. But some other people responded to them, so you can still see some of them via the TikTok duets and responses. One person (@ayeshalicious_18) combined the predictions into one video and wrote “It’s not trueeeee” at the top. Obviously they’re not buying the predictions from thehiddengod1. 


#duet with @thehiddengod1

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According to The Sun, this is an ongoing thing, too. In 2019, a man named Noah claimed to be stuck in the wrong year. In 2021, we had a man who claimed he could jump dimensions like Quantum Leap. And this year has already summoned a few time travelers, including one who says a celebrity who faked his own death will reveal the hoax on September 16.

Are we in for the end of the world soon? While it sure feels like it, no one can really know for sure. UNLESS THEY CAME FROM THE FUTURE. 

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