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The Walking Dead to Host Finale Live Event in Los Angeles

TWD Finale

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Back in April of 2022, we found out that there would be a live event for fans in Los Angeles for The Walking Dead Season 11 Finale. We say the season finale, but it really is the series finale, as it is ending this coming Sunday. Most fans still don’t know how to cope with this, and we absolutely get it.

So what exactly is this live event? We have some details for you. 

This Will be a Red Carpet Live Event

According to, the event, which begins with a live red carpet pre-show and continues with an extended version of The Walking Dead’s season finale, is available to see either via a live cable broadcast on AMC or through a webcast on AMC+. In order to prevent viewers from being spoiled about a television event that has been in the works for 11 seasons, the final episode will air at the same time no matter how they want to watch it.

In a tweet by the official Walking Dead account, a video featuring The Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick briefly explains the details about the evening, which will start on Sunday at 8:30PM Eastern/7:30PM Central.

In the video, he explains that the evening will start at 8:30pm with a Red Carpet event live from Hollywood, followed by the epic finale at 9 pm on AMC and AMC+ simultaneously so that nobody is spoiled about the ending of the series. This finale is expected to be 90 minutes long. When it is done, the event will continue on The Talking Dead at 10:30 pm Eastern with “some very special guests”, as per Hardwick.

We can expect some amazing surprises for this very last episode. The entire event will last until midnight eastern.

TWD Finale
Credit: AMC

Here is AMC’s official schedule, tweeted recently.

What Can We Expect in the Finale?

In last week’s episode, titled ‘Family’, there was so much action that some fans didn’t know what to think. Some of them, however, mentioned that the entire season should have been made exactly like this episode.

Warning! This Article Contains Major Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 23: Family

As mentioned in our review of the episode, when we left off at the end of Episode 22, we saw Mercer showing his full intentions to “fuck shit up.” So in this episode, Mercer brings Eugene back to Max and Yumiko to start that plan to get Pamela Milton out of power.

While Maggie and Negan’s duo has more of their trademark venom to spew at each other, Negan suggests that the two could work together as a force to be reckoned with. But Maggie quickly shuts that down. “We’re not a we,” she says. We know that there will be a Maggie and Negan spin-off, so how do you think this will happen? Are they going to be separated from everyone else? Why are they going to be together in this next series? We’ll probably find that out in the finale.

Read our entire review here.

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