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AMC Planning Epic Live Fan Event for The Walking Dead Finale

The Walking Dead (AMC)

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The Walking Dead is coming to an end and filming for the series has officially wrapped. But the series itself isn’t ending until later this year. AMC has recently announced that it will be hosting big live event for fans to celebrate The Walking Dead series finale. 

The Event Will Be Hosted in Los Angeles in November

AMC hasn’t yet announced the event on its regular Walking Dead websites and platforms. However, it did announce the event on AMCnConnect, which is described as a platform that “provides tools for AMC Networks advertising clients and sales executives.” The website includes portions accessible only with a login, which is given only to AMCN clients and account executives. 

According to AMC Connect, the series is going to conclude with an “epic live finale fan event” scheduled for November in Los Angeles. 

AMC Connect

So not only is there going to be a live finale event, but it also sounds like this is pointing to the series finale airing sometime in November. 

AMC hasn’t yet announced a premiere date for the last part of the final season. However, Fansided is estimating that because of the live fan event happening in November — and only eight episodes left for that last part of the series — it’s likely that the show will return in late September or early October. This would allow for the series finale to air at the same time that the live event takes place. 

There are no details yet about how to get tickets to the live event, exactly where it will take place in LA, or the exact date of the event. 

This Isn’t the End 

Yes, The Walking Dead series is coming to an end. But this isn’t the end of The Walking Dead universe, thankfully. 

 As we’ve previously reported, numerous spinoffs are planned. 

Dead in the Water, a spinoff of Fear the Walking Dead, premieres on April 10. (It’s essentially replacing The Walking Dead World Beyond, which aired concurrently with Fear last season.) 

Maggie and Negan will star in a new series called Isle of the Dead. This one will be six episodes long. 

An anthology series called Tales of The Walking Dead is also in the works. This one will also be six episodes long. 

And of course, we’re still waiting on those Rick Grimes movies. And there was mention of a Walking Dead comedy series too. 

In addition, there’s the highly anticipated Daryl and Carol spinoff

“I think it’s gonna be a very different look, a very different show, a very different feel,” Reedus told TheWrap when discussing the new spinoff.

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