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I Am So Excited About The Idea of a Walking Dead Time Jump, But Conflicted About Rick Grimes Movies


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WARNING: This post has spoilers for Season 9 Episode 5, called Rick’s Final Episode. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing S09E05 was. How they handled Rick’s “final episode” was phenomenal. (You can read the live recap I wrote here.) The time jump at the end was AMAZING. But I’m conflicted about the idea of Rick Grimes movies in the future.

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The time jump was done perfectly. Finding out that we jumped ahead six years and Judith is now a badass who wears her dad’s/Carl’s cowboy hat and carries a katana (a la Mom Michonne) while wielding a gun is incredible. Would I have preferred to see Chandler Riggs six years in the future as a badass? YES. But I’m happy with what we have. I’m excited to see how Michonne has evolved over the last six years. Seeing Carol with long hair (and to see how her relationship with Ezekiel has changed) will be great. Seeing Maggie and a six-year-old Hershel will also be a nice touch. I have a feeling that Aaron is going to be falling more into a Rick-like role. And Daryl – well, will Daryl be different or will he still pretty much be the same?

All in all, I can’t wait for next week and the time jump. And I think how they wrapped up Rick’s story this week was perfect.

But I’m conflicted about the idea of Rick Grimes’ centered movies. During Talking Dead, Scott Gimple said he planned to continue Rick’s story with AMC original films. The first will begin production in 2019. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see a Rick Grimes movie. I’m just not sure how I feel knowing Scott Gimple will be leading it.

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I’m still bitter at Gimple for firing Chandler Riggs like he did, when Chandler wanted to continue on as Carl. The show would be SO much better with Carl still around! And I have to admit that this season has improved a lot, now that Gimple has focused on Fear the Walking Dead and Kang is now heading The Walking Dead. Meanwhile, Fear’s storyline has decreased in quality with Gimple taking on a closer role. I love the John Dorie character and the journalist. But I hate how they dropped Madison’s storyline (she was going to ultimately turn into a villain, according to some rumors.) And her death was unnecessary and done pretty poorly. There were a few other plotholes in the show this season that bugged me.

So with that said, I *want* a Rick Grimes movie. I’m just not sure how Gimple’s Rick Grimes movie will do.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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