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Fallout Merch For True Fans

a man in vault suit shout shut up and take my bottlecaps

Do you love Fallout? Do you have money? Well then, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s some of the best Fallout merchandise, trinkets, decorations, and scrap for you to spend your precious bottle-caps on.

Fallout Magents, Set of 4
Price: $12.95
4 new from $12.950 used
Cable Guy - Vault Boy - Controller and Device Holder
Price: $22.55
You save: $2.44 (10 %)
4 new from $22.550 used
The Art of Fallout 4
Price: $29.60
You save: $20.33 (41 %)
38 new from $29.6035 used from $15.61
Fallout 76: Prima Official Platinum Edition Guide
Price: $57.86
You save: $55.09 (48 %)
24 new from $57.8620 used from $46.95

Ever heard of Fallout trading cards? Neither have we! But $100 for a box sounds like a steal.

Fallout Trading Card Box
Price: $112.36
3 new from $112.360 used

Finally, if you’re still itching for Fallout gear, then head on over to Bethesda’s online store.

Everything they sell is marked up like 2000%, but that probably wont stop me from acquiring this sick robe for $76.

A woman in a fallout themed robe

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