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The Walking Dead Halloween Costumes: Best Ideas for Rick, Negan, Daryl, Carol & More

TWD Halloween Costume Ideas

If you want to dress up as a character on The Walking Dead for Halloween, there’s still time! Whether you’re dressing up as Rick, Negan, Michonne, Maggie, Carol, Daryl, or any other favorite, you can still put together the perfect costume. And if you’d rather just order something from Amazon, thanks to Prime Shipping there is still time for your costume to arrive. We’ve put together a few hints and ideas to help you get started. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, try this $5.99/month offer for Halloween.  

Click on any of the links in this thread to see where you can buy the costume pieces.

Rick Halloween Costume Ideas

If you want to dress up as Rick, you’ll have to carry a pistol and you might want to throw on a cowboy hat. You can use any brown hat that you have, or try for one that looks a little more authentic, like this one from Amazon. The key elements of a “classic” Rick Grimes costume include a gun, a cowboy hat, and a sheriff’s costume (a beige shirt and dark brown pants with a badge will do just fine.) If you want a more modern Rick, then you’ll need to wear normal clothes but still have that pistol, and get a grey beard.

Or just make things simple and buy a full adult Rick Grimes costume from Amazon.

Negan Halloween Costume Ideas

Of course, no Negan costume would be complete without Lucille, so you’ve got to have one of those ready. You can actually purchase one on Amazon here if you want to save time. Negan costumes should also include a black leather jacket, black or grey pants or jeans, a white shirt, a red scarf, and black boots. And of course, you’ll want to stand at an angle the whole time because Negan walked around at a weird angle all the time, like his back was hurting him.

Don’t worry — you can be a female Negan if you’re a woman and want to dress up as Negan. Here’s a great example:

Or just buy the complete costume. Here’s the officially licensed one.

Maggie Halloween Costume Ideas

For Maggie, bring a baby doll with you and now you have baby Hershel! Honestly, Maggie’s a little tougher because she doesn’t have a specific way that she always dresses. But go for some non-descript jeans and a basic top, a brown-haired wig (no bangs, medium length – you might have to trim one), and get some fake blood (or ketchup) to splatter on your shirt like you just fought a zombie. And carry a toy gun, because Maggie’s badass. Or put a pillow under your shirt and be pregnant Maggie. You could also just buy a Lauren Cohan mask.

Here are some ideas from people on Twitter:

This wig might work for Maggie:

Michonne Halloween Costume Ideas

Michonne costumes can hearken back to the old days and include two zombies on sticks, if you want to get really detailed. You’ll also want to consider a wig with dreads. Additional essentials include jeans, brown boots, a vest of some sort, a headband, and a long fake sword.

Daryl Halloween Costume Ideas

Daryl costume ideas always have to involve a leather jacket of some sort with wings cut out and taped to the back. You can buy one off Amazon, but it will cost you. And of course, his crossbow. (Substitute a toy knife if you can’t find a toy crossbow to use.)  Or just pick up an arrow signed by Norman Reedus and carry that with you to impress your friends.

Here are some costume ideas from Twitter:

Carol Halloween Costume Ideas

There are so many ways you can go to create a Carol costume, but I think that you need to work in “look at the flowers” or “Carol’s cookies.” Carol, like Maggie, has a more non-descript costume. You could wear almost any pair of jeans or cargo pants and a basic shirt or jacket and it would work. Try a short grey wig for good measure. It’s the theme that makes the difference here.

Carry a bouquet of flowers with you and a toy gun, and tell your friends to look at the flowers – they will love it! Or make some homemade chocolate chip cookies and carry them around with you. You’re a badass character, but you also have a lot of friends, so live it up. Here are some ideas from Twitter:

Ezekiel Halloween Costume Ideas

There are a lot of great ways to dress up as Ezekiel. I personally think you should carry around a stuffed tiger with you if you’re going this route. Or be creative, like this guy on Twitter, and make your dog (or cat!) into Shiva. :) You can also wear a wig that resembles Ezekiel’s hair for good measure. This costume is a great idea:

A black jacket and gloves will help the costume along nicely.

Carl Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re going to dress up as Carl, then you’ll definitely need to wear a dark brown cowboy hat. That pretty much goes without saying. If you want to be a dying Carl (sigh), then make sure you put a zombie bite on your stomach/chest. Carry a toy gun with you to complete the look. Pretty much any jeans and shirt (but plaid is always a nice choice) will go well with a Carl costume, but throw on some fake splattered blood for effect. And of course, you must carry around a big tub of Carl’s Chocolate Pudding. And don’t forget to wear an eye patch.

Here are some ideas from Twitter:

Morgan Costume Ideas

You definitely need a fighting stick if you’re dressing up as Morgan. (Here’s a foam stick for fun.) Really, any walking stick will do in a pinch. Pair it with a backpack and a long brown jacket, and you’ll have Morgan traveling from The Walking Dead to Fear. But if you want to reference Fear the Walking Dead, then write “I lose people” on your forehead, because that would be hilarious.

Walker Costume Ideas

Or just dress up as a walker/zombie! Here’s a tutorial:

The Simplest Walking Dead Costume

Want to go really simple? Just wear an I Am Negan shirt like this one.

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