Latest Wasteland Weekend Promo Video Gets us Pumped for September

Wasteland Weekend

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Wasteland crunch time is here as there are only 6 more weeks of preparation before Wasteland Weekend 2021 begins on September 22nd. So why not take a break from costume making, welding, site planning, and tribe wrangling to watch a spectacular promo video from photographer Lee Fields.

The nearly-four-minute video begins with the Lord Humungus and driver in the Cobra truck, revving up to challenge the rest of the vehicles in the Mojave Desert. The pair is played by long-time Warrior of the Wasteland Jim “Tank” Dorsey and his wife, Faye, whom we’ve both had on our podcast previously.

From here we see scores of wasteland creations racing across the desert or in position during the event’s wildly popular car show. We also see footage of the Jugger tournaments, Thunderdome, tribe camps, and a general idea of just how insanely large the whole thing is.

And this isn’t GCI, folks. This is all real drone footage from the 10th year of the California event held back in 2019.

This year will be the first time the event has happened since the 10th anniversary as 2020 was skipped as a result of the COVID pandemic restrictions. With this year’s celebration comes a full vaccination requirement for all attendees.

“Wasteland Weekend 2021 will be requiring proof of vaccination for all attendees (that includes volunteers, staff, performers, and regular ticket holders),” the site states. “This means proof of FULL vaccination, so be sure that your vaccination(s) took place with enough time for you to be fully vaccinated by the time you arrive at the event.”

Be sure to check out Wasteland Weekend’s website for complete information on tickets, vaccination requirements, photos from previous years, social media links, and much more!

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