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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of August 5-11

YouTube Round-up

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Everyone is playing Death Trash!
Death Trash is this week’s big post-apocalyptic game that everyone’s playing, and for good reason. Who doesn’t love an old-school gory and crude RPG?

Post Apocalyptic Zombie Survival | Back 4 Blood | First Look
This livestream shows off the spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead series made by the original creators of those games. We get to see a good 2-hour chunk of zombie-slaughtering gameplay in this one.

100,000 Zombie Heads – Full Horror Movie | Post-Apocalyptic Survival Sci-Fi Horror Movie
A dystopian zombie flick that’s so bad it’s good, 100,000 Zombies is hilariously campy and screams of those low-budget 80s horror movies that we old people grew up with. Oh yeah, and this one features Mad Max’s Wez himself, Vernon Wells.

After the Apocalypse Official Trailer
Filmed and based entirely in Trinidad and Tobago, this upcoming film shows off what the end of the world would be like from a unique Caribbean perspective.

Y: The Last Man Official Trailer
The highly anticipated movie adaptation of the popular graphic novel series is coming next month and this trailer shows off a good chunk of what we can expect when all of the world’s male mammals die off. Who will take out the trash?!

SavageCast 46: The Drowned War
This video podcast features an interview with The Drowned War’s Dustin Smith who was heading up a Kickstarter campaign to get the post-apocalyptic tabletop RPG to the masses. Unfortunately, the campaign didn’t reach its goal, but it’s still an interesting interview.


A Look back at Post-Apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth
This one really brought out the feels for this MMO veteran. Fallen Earth was an innovative MMORPG from about 10-12 years ago that was centered around scavenging and surviving in the wasteland. Yes, the game is still around, but it’s a shell of what it once was, and this video (originally made in 2017) shows some great moments from the game.

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