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The Most Influential Post Apocalyptic Film You’ve Never Seen (maybe)

The Day After aired on ABC in November 1983; it remains to this day one of the most impactful post apocalyptic films of all time.  More than 100 million Americans watched the movie during its initial broadcast and it is the highest-rated television movie ever.  The film takes place in Lawrence, Kansas after a nuclear exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union.  If you’ve ever heard the term “mutually assured destruction” this is it, in it’s most realistic form.   The movie depicts the time before, during, and the fallout period (after) the nuclear strike.  In devastatingly realistic and gruesome detail, the film had a deep impact on all who watched it from children to adults and even celebrities and top level politicians.  The reaction to the movie was truly unique in so many ways; it spawned focus groups, counseling, candle light vigils and even a 1-800 support hotline.  Check out The Day After and decide for yourself if you think it stands the test of time.

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My name is Todd Olsen, I'm a teacher in Massachusetts but I was born in Pittsburgh and grew up in Richmond, Virginia. When I'm not hunting down post-apocalyptic fiction i'm spending time with my wife and baby, traveling vehemently, playing hockey and soccer, hanging with my friends, hiking with my dogs and riding/repairing motorcycles.

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  1. “He did not deal in moral truths” – Right, cause before Moses came down from the mountain all we did as humans was rape, pillage, mu;3#r&e8230r&#82d0;. Bible doesn’t give you any more morals then we evolved with, I call it Evolutionary “Good Business” which we learned long before the bible.

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