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‘Man Down’ Trailer: When & Where Can You Watch Shia LaBeouf’s New Movie?

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We are SO excited about Shia LaBeouf’s new post-apocalyptic movie “Man Down.” The trailer looks phenomenal. But when does it come out & where can you watch it? Well, first check out the trailer below:

This movie comes out in theaters on December 2. However, it will be in a limited theatrical release, also released in VOD on the same day, according to Consequence of Sound. Here’s a link to the movie’s Fandango page. You can go to that link on December 2 (or a little earlier) to find out which movie theater it’s playing at closest to you.

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“Man Down” takes place in post-apocalyptic America, where Shia’s character, Gabriel Drummer, is looking for his son and wife. The movie also stars Kate Mara (from House of Cards). The movie starts after the apocalyptic disaster and explores PTSD in a very unique setting.


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