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The Last of Us: How Many Episodes Left Until Finale?

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Today’s episode of The Last Of Us is the 6th to air on HBO since its release. “Kin” will have Joel reunite with his brother Tommy after he travelled with Ellie all the way to Wyoming. We can’t wait to see what happens tonight in this episode, but also can’t help to think that the finale is coming soon. So fast, too! It feels like this series just started last week. Well, let’s take a look at how many episodes are left until The Last of Us finale.

How Many Episodes are Left Until The Last Of Us Finale?

The Last of Us season 1 contains 9 episodes, according to IMDB, with the finale airing March 12. This means that with tonight’s episode, there are only four episodes left! Which means that we are already more than halfway into the series. How time flies when we’re having fun, huh? This is not surprising, as the new HBO series is a hit, with an average rating on Rotten Tomatoes of 97%. The finale currently is untitled on the web, but if we judge the previous episodes and how gut wrenching they were, we’re bound to witness more tears and reactions on social media and sites like TikTok.  

What Can We Expect In the Rest of This Season

If we base it on the fact that the series have been very similar to its video game counterpart, we should expect the relationship between Joel and Ellie to deepen so much that it will resemble that of the relationship he had with his own daughter, Sarah. The show will probably also still follow the game’s footsteps, so gamers out there who have already played the game know exactly what is coming. Of course, no spoilers here, don’t worry about those! but we can expect more edge-of-your-seat moments, and cliffhangers that will have us wanting more. 

The Last of Us Finale

Tonight’s Episode’s Trailer

In tonight’s episode titled “Kin,” the location will be somewhat chillier than what we are used to. Snow, bulky equipment, and a new danger: more people to contend with. The characters of Joel (played by Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) have made their way to Wyoming in an effort to find Joel’s younger brother, Tommy (Gabriel Luna). This seems like one of the more pleasant things that could happen during a time when there are a lot of sad moments. Don’t be fooled, though! As with the other episodes, there will be a lot of action. The newly released trailer gives us a sneak peek at the journey that Ellie and Joel will take together. 

Personally, I’m not ready for this season to end so soon. I was getting into the groove of things with having The Last Of Us be my plans on Sunday nights, but now I guess I’ll have to play the game again to get into Part 2, which will reflect Season 2 which has been confirmed

Here’s a preview at tonight’s episode, by the way!

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