Lone Star Odyssey



The Lone Star Odyssey series series is a post apocalyptic story set in a dystopian world gone mad. The series follows a retired Marine coming off a five year tour as a contractor in Afghanistan. Occasionally, taking a short term contract job to pay the bills, Talon is marooned in Washington, D.C. when the nation is attacked by a series of false flag operations against our infrastructure and is then devastated by a series of EMP attacks. With every major city burning and the nation’s electrical grid down, civil order has deteriorated to the point of no return, at least for the immediate future. Separated by over 1400 miles from his family, Talon sets out on foot to get home as fast as he can relying on his skills and experience. With only about a week’s worth of supplies in his get home bag, Talon must find supplies as quick as he can and get out of the D.C. Metro area before the chaos overwhelms him. From his first steps he finds out nothing is going to be easy or fast.


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