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What Time Does The Last Of Us Episode 6 Air?

The Last of Us Episode 6

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The previous episode of The Last Of Us left us pretty much emotionally wrecked. More lovable characters, more deaths, more… infected! Like, a lot more. It was terrifying, but also very satisfying. Packed with action, it did not disappoint. So, when can we expect to see The Last of Us Episode 6? Let’s examine the details.

When Will The Last Of Us Episode 6 Air?

On Sunday, February 19, 2023, at 9:00 PM Eastern Time and 6:00 PM Pacific Time, the sixth episode of The Last of Us, titled “Kin,” will make its debut on HBO Max and On Demand. We’ve set up a live countdown so you can see how much time is left till the 6th episode of TLOU.


And just in case the first one breaks for some reason, here is a second one that you may use!

Episode 6 should have us witness Joel and Ellie’s relationship deepen. The previous episodes had them go through a lot, from laughter to tears, and of course a lot of fear. In the preview of “Kin,” we witness Joel reuniting with his brother and, surprise surprise, not trusting people around him and Ellie. 

What Can We Expect in TLOU’s Episode 6?

According to the teaser trailer, and as stated above, Joel will be reunited with his brother Tommy who lives in a small community. The set will be taking place in a much colder place than what we’re accustomed to. Snow, heavy gear, and a new threat: more people. In the episodes that have aired so far, the characters of Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) have travelled to Wyoming in the quest to locate Joel’s younger brother, Tommy (Gabriel Luna). The new teaser provides a sneak peek at the trip that the two will take together, during which Ellie will discuss the events of the last episode with Joel. This seems to be one of the more pleasant experiences that may be had during a season that is filled with moments that are bittersweet. But don’t be fooled! As with previous episodes, action is sure to be had.

The Last of Us Episode 6

Of course, it’s the post-apocalypse, so there will be moments of having to take decisions and deciding if people can be trusted or not. As we’ve witnessed so far in the series, the answer to this is probably “Nope. Don’t trust.” Joel and Ellie are faced with warnings in the preview for this week’s episode. A new character called Maria, played by Rutina Wesley (The Walking Dead, DMZ), tells Ellie to “be careful who you put your faith in.” 

Here’s a preview of Sunday’s episode.

Are you excited about this week’s episode? Do you think we will witness a happy reunion between Joel and his Brother Tommy? And what about all of those warnings and tense conversations between the brothers? I guess we will find out tomorrow, after having bitten our nails so much in anticipation! I know I am…

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