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What Time Does The Last Of Us Episode 5 Air?

The Last of Us Episode 5

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This past Sunday’s episode of The Last Of Us left us pretty much on the edge of our seats. With a new threat being just simple people, Joel and Ellie now have to navigate through a what looks like abandoned QZ (or is that taken over) and avoid being killed on the spot. New characters, new threat, everything is happening all at once! With that being said, and the fact that TLOU will air two days in advance compared to its usual schedule, what time will The Last Of Us Episode 5 Air? Let’s find out below.

When Will The Last Of Us Episode 5 Air?

The Last Of Us episode 5, titled “Endure and Survive”, will premiere on HBO Max and On Demand on Friday, February 10, 2023, at 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT. This decision was made because of the Super Bowl event on Sunday. We’ve set up a live countdown so you can see how much time is left till the fifth episode of TLOU.


And here is a backup timer in case the other one fails for some reason!


Episode 5 should provide additional information about Joel and Ellie’s predicament, as well as more details about the new character we encountered last time. Some of us who have played the game also suspect that we will get a first look at the Bloaters; huge and extremely strong infected that throw spore balls at people to hurt and infect them. They are a scary part of the game and it’s going to be interesting to see if what lies beneath the concrete in the QZ is a hoard, or one of the Bloaters. Definitely edge-of-your-seat moment, for sure!

The Last of Us Episode 5 Pedro Pascal
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Can we Expect Easter Eggs in Episode 5?

Absolutely. With every single episode so far, Easter eggs are absolutely expected in Friday’s episode. From new characters to items we can interact to in game, we can expect those who’ve played the game to point at their screens and exclaim “That’s in the game!” Here’s a look at The Last of Us Episode 4 and all of its Easter Eggs. Super interesting!

Do these kind of videos make you want to play the game? I know that I’ve fallen victim to this. I had played the game but a long time ago, and couldn’t remember most of it. Now that I’m reminded of the scenes, it is super interesting to see how close to the game the crew is making The Last of Us series look. Probably why critics are praising the show’s work, too!

Here’s a preview of this Friday’s episode. I can’t wait to have some answers to my questions, although I think I already know most of them…

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